Capture The Flag

Capture the flag, often abbreviated CTF, is a game mode which involves two teams of player having to capture enemy flags and return them to base. When three flags have been caught by one team, they win the round. This game mode consists of two rounds. Players get extra points for capturing flags, and at the same time still get points for killing enemy players.

Maximum Players: 12

Points to Win: 3 Flags

Goal: Capture the flag & return it to base

Points Per Kill: 5

Points Per Assist: 1/2 depending on damage inflicted

[edit] Strategy

An effective technique is to not rush in. Have two people defending your flag, two taking up sniper positions, and the other two flank your enemy either side, taking caution not to jump in, or be spotted. Silencers/flash hiders are handy in this game mode.

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