Care Package

Care Package
Killstreak Image
Kills Required 4

Care Package's give you a random killstreak or an ammo resupply. They contain every killstreak, except for Care Packages, Emergency Airdrop and Tactical Nuke. To use this, throw down the red signal flare, then wait for a helicopter to fly in and drop the package.

Care Packages can kill you, team mates or enemies, so avoid them, when the crate is dropping into the map.


[edit] Killstreak Reward Rates

[edit] Black Ops

The Care Package is also available on Call of Duty: Black Ops as a 5 killstreak, or 4 with Hardline. Care packages are the same as they were on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, except that the smoke grenade doesn't create red smoke; instead it makes a bluish-grey colored smoke. The Chinook helicopter that drops off the crate is also much larger and slower than the MW2 crate-copter.

[edit] Killstreak Reward Rates

On Black Ops, you can re-roll your care package if you have Hardline Pro. If you re-roll the crate, you have a chance to obtain a better killstreak.

[edit] Re-roll Reward Rates

Enemy care packages can also be "hacked" with the Hacker Pro perk. A hacked care package will appear on the enemies radar as usual, but when they capture it, it explodes and kills them.

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