Charlie Don't Surf

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Charlie Don't Surf is the fifth mission from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign. This is the very first time you take control of USMC Sergeant Paul Jackson. You and a team of other men involved in a powerful attack and raid on a Arabian Town in the hope of finding Al Asad quickly before a major war breaks out. After rapelling down from a Blackhawk, you and your squad (led by L.Vasquez) breach and clear the target building, but an I.D check shows that Al-Asad is not in the building. After recieving intel that he is broadcasting from a nearby TV station, you and the squad head to the new objective. After nreaching the studio, and fighting to the recording room, you find that the broadcasting is a recorded loop, and not live. Al-Asad has fleed the area, and the American's suffer a blow to their forces.

By shooting all the TVs showing recordings of Al-Asad, you get the achievement 'Your Show Sucks'.

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The intro imitates that of Crew Expendable as you find yourself hovering through the skies. This mission is the first where you control the other game's recurring protagonist, Sergeant Paul Jackson, a USMC marine, and is also the inspiration for multiplayer maps Ambush and later Broadcast. After facing a hail of bullets and preparing yourself adequately, you once again slide down but this time into a sandy gold, ruinous and war-torn Middle Eastern town. Similar in appearances to Black Hawk Down, your objective here is storm through the city towards a TV Broadcasting HQ, where it is expected that Al-Asad is hiding out. Following several flank manoeuvres and breaches, the mission finishes with the twist that he is, in fact, not actually there.

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