Claymores are trip-activated devices which explode when triggered. Claymores are usually planted at doorways to capture enemies walking through.

The Claymore has two red lasers which cause the device to explode upon detecting movement. Claymores can pick up movement from quite a bit away from the actual Claymore, but the closer the enermy is to the claymore the more damage it will give off.

[edit] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


Modern Warfare Icon
Tier MW: 1
Unlocked at Rank MW: 23

In Modern Warfare Claymores take up Perk 1. They are frequently used by snipers to protect themselves from enemies sneaking up on them from behind, and mostly used for tactics in Search and Destroy.

To plant a claymore device, you must first select it in perk 1. Once selected, press left on the direction pad, and R1 to plant. (5 then Left-Click to plant). Be aware of where you position the lasers. All claymores which have been planted by members of your team should have the team logo over it, if not it's an enermy claymore so beware.

The best way to stop these claymores is to use a perk called "bomb squad" this will show a death logo over the claymore if it has been planted by the enermy. One problem with bomb squad is that it is in the perk 1 category, this means you cannot carry claymores if you wish to use it. Also if you use the perk "sonic boom" the claymore should give off more damage, and most probably kill them.

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

Unlocked at Rank 31

Claymores make a return to the series where they're seen as equipment (in the grenade slot), instead of taking up the First Perk. Claymores can be placed by pressing R2 or RB.

If a player if using Scavenger or One Man Army, Claymores can be re-stocked.

The explosion of a claymore can be delayed by Scrambler Pro and can be seen when using Sitrep. They are particularly useful when placed adjacent to doorways and are more commonly used during Free-for-all.

[edit] Black Ops

Claymore blackops.jpg
Bought for 5000

In Black Ops, they are seen as equipment where it has to be pulled out by tapping Up on the D-pad, rather than direct placement in Modern Warfare 2. They can also be picked up and moved after being placed much similar to every other equipment in Black Ops. They cost 5000 CoD points, the most expensive equipment in the whole game. Similarly they are the one of most used equipment along with the Motion Sensor.

Claymores can be used to defend the objective, the player itself or cancel out enemy spawn points (thus benefiting your team from flankers in maps such as Havana).

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