Crew Expendable

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Crew Expendable is the second mission from the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign. Continuing the action with 'Soap' MacTavish, this is your first real mission, the inspiration for the multiplayer map Wet Work. Returning with the likes of Gaz's and Captain Price, it's night time and the level starts with some sight-seeing above the sea as your helicopter draws closer to a ship and eventually reels you down. Your objective entails finding a manifest (a flashing clipboard the game suggests) ironically at the opposite end you land from. Progressing through the ship's interior, having been split into Captain Price's team, there are enemies clustered in groups, all cowering behind endless amounts of storage crates, and really your role only consists of sticking with the pack. After experiencing several stylised flashbangs and door-kickings, you eventually reach your intel only for the worst to occur: a set-piece explosion rockets off and you are forced to make a daring charge for safety as your team scurries off ahead of you. As water comes pouring into your sides and stairs ahead of you collapse, you finally make a death-defying jump into the helicopter and off to safety (and if you miss, the game tells you not to worry – “no one makes the first jump.”)


[edit] Detailed Walkthough

Crew Expendable
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Well. You've just completed your Assessment, and it seems as though Captain Price was quite happy with your performance - you've been selected to help with the Smash and Grab on a Cargo ship, smuggling a Nuclear bomb. The 'open armed welcome' takes a whole new meaning after this.

Anyway - you remember that trial you had complete for Captain Price last mission? No? Well that's your problem then - the start is almost exactly the same.

[edit] The Bridge

The introduction to the level shows you sitting in the back of a helicopter transporting you to the ship on stormy seas. Don't look down. You can move your 'face' around, as if you were moving your weapon, allowing you to look at your comrades - Gaz, Captain Price, and an SAS Trooper can be seen. Still - that's a little boring - look out to your right and look at the boat getting tossed around. Yes. Good fun. Wait a while until the 'bird' is in position. When it is you will automatically rappell down to the Bridge. Move up to 'position 1', or any free window really, and open fire when all your allies are in position. Kill all 3 on the Bridge, then move into the Bridge. Note - although it's extremely easy this part, you can let your squad take care of the opponents.
Turn to your right, and head down the stairs, following the objective marker.

[edit] The Crew Compartments

This is another easy part of the game - when you hit the bottom of the stairs, you'll see a drunk crewman stagger out - send him to his maker. Don't worry - these russians are tanked up on vodka and God knows what, so they won't hear the silenced weapons. Look into the rooms as you pass - you'll see these Sleeping Beauties. No need to leave them alive - knife or shoot them.
After killing the two sleeping soldiers, look next to the TV - there's a laptop. Retrieve the enemy intelligence.

[edit] The Deck

After making your way through the ships innards, you will find yourself braving the weather outside. As you proceed to the next objective marker, you will be discovered by some not so drunk Commies. Join your squad in killing them. It's advisable that you pick up something like an AK-47 instead of your pistol - at this point, you can walk around and pick up some more ammunition - the 300 or so should help you easily fend off the enemies later in the stage.
As you proceed to the next bridge, you will be fired upon by more Russians - take aim, and fire through the windows if you want, but after a couple of seconds, the helicopter will swoop in, and Gaz, who is manning the Helicopters Door Gun, will blaze into the sailors, killing them all. Note - there is no way into the Cabin, so don't waste time trying to find a way in. After they have been made into sieves, continue ion your way to the left side of the ship. Understandably, the rest of the crew are awake now - prepare for a fight in the last bits of the stage.
Wait for the rest of the squad to form up around the door. When it's open, follow the Shotgun wielding trooper into the ship. Do as Captain Price says, then move on. Kill the

[edit] Trivia

  • The Helicopter you are being carried in at the start is an MH-60S "Knighthawk" - reserved for forces in the US, particularly Marines - this oversight can be looked on that the SAS 'borrowed it', but the British Pilots suggests not. British forces make use of "Merlins" or "Lynx" for insertions, sometimes Chinooks - 'Big Bird' is one of these - but the noise of these and the fact that their rotors have a definate direction make it hard for covert ops.
  • When the trooper talks about his shotgun he is referencing a quote from Hicks in the movie "Aliens"
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