An Elefant Tank

The Elefant, originally named Ferdinand, is a German tank destroyer used widely in the Eastern Front. The tank destroyer is famous for its nearly impenetrable armour and firepower.

[edit] In Game

The Elefant makes an appearance in Call of Duty: United Offensive in the Trench mission where the player must use explosives to blow up three of them. The Elefant also makes limited appearance in multiplayer mode.

In Call of Duty: United Offensive, the Elefant is the German's counter to the SU-152. It has incredible health, being able to resist many tank shots before being destroyed. It's cannon can take out a T-34 Tank or Panzer in one shot. It is very slow and inaccurate at long range, although is is extremely powerful at short range and can the player with just one hit.

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