Flak Jacket Perk

The Flak Jacket perk takes less explosive damage. It can come in handy when being chased by an RC-XD as it will deal hardly any damage.

[edit] Flak Jacket Pro

In order to unlock Flak Jacket Pro you must have completed the following challenges whilst using the perk:

  • Flak Jacket: Protected: Survive 10 explosions while using Flak Jacket
  • Flak Jacket: Demolished: Plant or defuse 10 bombs in Demolition, Sabotage or Search & Destroy.
  • Flak Jacket: Throwbacks: Throw back 5 enemy Frag Grenades

Once the three challenges have been completed, you can purchase Flak Jacket Pro.

This allows you to take less damage from fire and resets the timer on grenades when tossed back.

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