Golden Camouflage

Golden Camouflage is unlocked by completing all weapon challenges in a certain category. There are six guns which can wear Golden Camo, and some are easier unlocked than others. These are the gold Desert Eagle, gold AK-47, gold Mini-Uzi, gold M60E4, gold M1014, and gold Dragunov.

Although considered incredibly cheap and cheating, some players use cage matches to trade headshots, contributing towards the challenges needed for the golden guns. However, many players despise this and really is just a really undeserving way of getting the golden guns. But if you want to play right and not be obsessed with getting headshots in regular matches all the time (with guns you hardly use), then, by all means, get headshots in cage matches. There is nothing wrong with it. It just means you don't want to waste time doing it in regular matches.

[edit] Tips and Tricks

Apart from Sniper Rifles, headshots can sometimes be hard to come by. So here are a few tips and tricks to maximize the output of headshots:

  • Use Bomb Squad! As you'll be trying to get round the back of snipers, Bomb Squad is the easiest way of spotting claymores.
  • Smoke Grenades are your best friend when it comes to getting headshots. Use them to flank the enemy or divert attention.
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