Hard Landing


This is the third mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

[edit] Summary

"Neutralize the Japanese defenses at the Peleliu airfield." Now with Sgt. Sullivan's death,Cpl. Roebuck is promoted to Sergeant,and now commander of your squad.Your mission is to capture the Japanese airfield.You start in a swamp.While Sgt. Roebuck and Pvt. Polonsky are talking,you see a knocked out American plane,and 3 marines looking at it.One marine tries to get the pilot out,but he was booby trapped with grenades by Japanese soldiers.So the grenades explode.And banzai chargers start to attack you.When you kill them,you move forward with the team.Pvt. Polonsky says that he couldnt believe Japanese soldiers booby trapped a dead american soldier.Then another banzai charger team attacks.When you move up,you regroup with 5th squad.You move through the trenches and buildings.At one building,you see 2 MG's.A flamethrower moves up and tries to burn the MG's but he fails.Then Sgt. Roebuck tells you to get the flamethrower and finish the job.You get the flamethrower and blow up the building.You move forward,and see another banzai chargers.When you are done,you finally reach to the airfield.A big battlefield awaits you.Lots of tanks,lots of soldiers,lots of trenches.When reach the first trench,Sgt. Roebuck tells you to grab a Bazooka and destroy 3 tanks.When you do it and move up,you will reach to japanese trenches.When you clear them and move up through the airfield,you will see Anti-Air guns.When you take all of the 3 guns out,the radio operator will communucate with Major Gordon.And Sgt. Roebuck will tell him that they captured the airfield.But the Japanese reinforcements arrive.Sgt. Roebuck will want immidiate air support.Pvt. Polonsky will throw a smoke granade as a sign.Until the air support arrives,you will defend the airfield against Japanese infantry transports,tanks and lots of crews using your usual weapons or one of the Anti-Air guns.When the air support arrives,the mission will finish.And the radio operator will tell Major Gordon that airfield has been held.

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