Two teams battle to gain control of the HQ. A laptop on a large box appears where the HQ is. To capture the HQ you must stand close to it and a bar will go up slowly. The more people you have within range of the laptop, the faster the bar will increase. The bar won't increase if an enemy is within range of the laptop. Once captured, the capturing team must prevent the opposing team from destroying it for as long as they can. As they defend they get 5 points every few seconds, the first team to 250 points is the victor. To destroy it, the now attacking team will try and get within range as you would to capture. The only difference is it doesn't matter if enemies are within range as well. The attacking team will be given infinite re-spawns, but once the defending team captures they only have one life to defend the HQ as long as possible. Once they die they spectate until the HQ is destroyed or the time for the HQ runs out.

Maximum Players: 12

Points to Win: 250

Goal: Capture the HQ

Points Per Kill: 5

Points per assist: 1

[edit] Strategy

The best strategy in this situation is to just run towards the laptop. It doesn't matter how many enemies you kill, so it is also good to try hiding. Of course, if you are under attack, you should still fight back though.

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