Heart of the Reich

This is the fourteenth mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

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Eradicate the German positions outside the Reichstag.

This level takes place around the Reichstag which has been turned into a fortress by the remaining SS and Wehrmacht forces left in Berlin. The player's objective is first to fight your way through the buildings to the Reichstag's courtyard and finally assault the outside of the building. This is not easy as there are many, many Germans you have to fight through and even a few Flak 88s. First you will be prompted by Reznov to fight your way through the buildings to a tunnel on the other side where you will start your charge. Once you've reached the courtyard-turned-near impenetreble defensive line, Reznov will order you to take out the three Flak 88s defending the Reichstag. Once you've taken them out, you will have to fight your way up the Reichstag steps which have been sandbagged and strung with barbed wire. Just stay in cover and take out any Germans and move up when the situation allows it. There's a sniper in the second floor of the building to the right of the steps which can help greatly. Once all the sandbags have been destroyed, you can finish climbing the stairs to complete the level.

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