After you have achieved 7 consecutive kills on the enemy team you are rewarded with Helicopter support. The Helicopter will fly in and shoot enemies with its mounted gun and the player that called it in gets the kills. The Helicopter can be taken down quite easily if you have the aid of a LMG or RPG. Only one helicopter can be on the map at a time. Your are rewarded 10 points for calling in a Helicopter. The helicopter is equipped with machine guns, when you call for it the helicopter will circle the map killing all the enemies that it can, this helps you to get extra points as all the kill count towards your score. The only way to get rid of the enemy helicopters before the two minute period is up is to shoot them down with the special guns. The player can use any kind of wepon to shoot down a helicopter, but it will take an excesive amount of time to shoot it down.

[edit] Strategy

When you are under attack by a helicopter, it is best to run inside a building and get on your knees until the Helicopter leaves. Make sure that once you are inside, you are facing the door just in case an enemy walks in, so you can shoot them down. If you have a class with the Perk "Cold Blooded" and is killed whilst the Helicopter is still present, switching to your Cold Blooded class is useful as the Helicopter won't notice you.

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