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Hunted is the seventh mission on single player campaign on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Soap McTavish

Western Russia

22nd SAS Regiment

[edit] Hunted

Zright At the start of this mission you see your helicopter being hit by a missile and then falling down to the ground, in which you look to be dead, but your fine and have to get up for the start of this mission. You, Gaz , Nikolai and Captain Price must first get to the extraction point they say it isn't far but it really is a fair way away. This is the first objective but is one of the last things you will do as you will realise you've got company. On the way to the extraction point you find that there are men going to kill an old man at this point you intervene and take out the men, before moving on, Then there is a spotlight so you must hit the deck and hope not to get caught. You must then enter a house via the basement door. When you move up to the ground floor you must kill all of you enemies in the house, before leaving the house by the other side and moving on with the team. You the will find that a guard dog tries to kill you, all you have to do is kill it the normal way (pressing RS). You will then find you have many enemies in your way although these aren't to hard to kill, to be honest the dogs are harder as you are under pressure, one thing to watch is that your enemies may often use flash grenades to blind you and then come up close to you so be wary of them when you are in battle as they could be right in your face when you get your sight back. After killing all of them move on closer to the extraction point. You then have to move your way through big greenhouses fill with enemies and also avoid an enemy helicopter that will shoot you if it sees you, unless you are well hidden it will see you as it is equipped with a spotlight. You then have to make your way to a building in this building you take out the enemies before picking up a stinger which you use to take out the enemy Helicopter. After taking It out you must then follow captain price to the extraction point as you have your helicopter following you the whole way. This is the end of the mission.

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