Killhouse is a DLC-added map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

This map is set in the place where you start out from at the very beginning of the campaign. It's the same idea. It is a very small map, featuring labyrinth-like passages on the sidelines, a big tower in the middle of the map that can provide a much needed vantage point and small bases on both sides of the map. You can climb to the top of the bases and get a nice view of the entire arena but be careful, you are very exposed.

[edit] Tips

This is grenade/Martyrdom country so watch where you run. SMGs are dominant but Assault Rifles work very well too.

The best class for this map is in no doubt the RPD with Grip , Stopping Power and Deep Impact. It rips the place apart and there is no real need to reload your gun.

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