Little Resistance


This is the second mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

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"Storm the White Beach of Peleliu Island to make way for an Allied takeover."

You and you crew are hit hard by unexpected resistance from the Japanese enemy. In this level, players are first introduced to calling in artillery strikes.You see injured japanese soldiers when you move forward with the tanks.Then a flamthrower moves up and burns an MG nest.You see 2 MG nests at forward positions.When you clear the area you will go left with your squad.Then a few banzai chargers will attack.When the trenches end,you will see a japanese soldier climbing a tree.Corporal Roebuck will tell you to take him down.When you move forward to the grass,some banzai chargers will get up and attack you.If you try to kill some of the banzai soldiers before they attack you it will net you an achievement or trophy(grenades work best).Then you will move to another japanese building,which has 2 MG's firing at you.When you eliminate all enemies,your team will regroup at the building,and you will climb up.Then call airstrikes and finish 2 tanks.Your team regroups behind side of the building.When Pvt. Polonsky,Cpl. Roebuck and Sgt.Sullivan start talking,a japanese soldier with a katana suddenly attacks Sgt.Sullivan,and injure him badly.He dies because of the bleeding.

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