M93 Raffica

M93 Raffica in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer
Unlocked at Rank 38
Rounds 20 (30 with extended magazines)
Fire Type Three-round burst fire
Damage Range 40-30
Reload time 1.77 seconds, 2.25 empty
Fire rate 925 RPM per burst, but bursts cannot be fired immediately after one another, resulting in a final RPM speed of around 450.

The M93 Raffica is a secondary weapon found in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It is classed as a machine pistol, and it is the only machine pistol not to be fully automatic; instead, it fires in three-round bursts like the M16.

[edit] Singleplayer

In the campaign, the M93 Raffica is only found in two missions; "The Gulag", (in the prison armoury) and "Loose Ends" (again, in the armory in the basement of the house). It is also found in "Museum". It shares a similar weapon model with the M9. However, it also has a shoulder stock.

[edit] Multiplayer

The M93 Raffica is unlocked at rank 38. It is similar to a pistol in its characteristics; it has the fastest draw time of all the machine pistols, and the view is not zoomed when using the iron sights. It has a quik range drop off - meaning that it only achieves its minimum damage of 30 at anything further than close range. As it is a three burst weapon, it ideally need to kill in one burst - therefore each shot must do at least 34 damage. (33 is too little as 33 x 3 = 99). Therefore, Stopping Power is recommended for it's 1.4x damage multiplier. (30 x 1.4 = 42, and 42 x 3 = 126. Therefore, with Stopping Power, it is a one burst kill at any range). Also similar to a pistol; the M93 can be used whilst in Last Stand.

None of the sights for the gun are perfect; the front iron sight is slightly off centre, as are the dots for the Holographic Sights and the Red Dot Sights, similar to the FAL. Therefore, Akimbo is a more popular attachment choice than optics. Whilst it scrifices range capabilities, it makes the weapon deadly at close range as it almost guarantees a kill - unlike the single gun which is difficult to handle close range due to the time in between bursts. Another popular attachment is Extended Mags. With it, the gun can almost be used as a primary weapon. Therefore, it is a popular choice for snipers.

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