An MG4 in Modern Warfare 2
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Game(s) Modern Warfare 2
Magazine Size 100; 200 with Extended Mags
Unlocked at Rank 16
Fire Mode Automatic
Recoil Low (without grip), Extremely low (with grip)

The MG4 is a Light Machine Gun is Modern Warfare 2. It has a surprisingly low amount of recoil that can be made even lower with the Grip attachment.

It is best at long and medium ranges due to it's fantastic accuracy. This can also help when being pinned down under fire as you can spray accurately with it's large magazine.

Unlocked at Rank 16.

[edit] Primary Attributes

Accuracy: 8/10

Damage: 4/10

Range: 8/10

Fire Rate: 8/10

Mobility: 4/10

[edit] Attachments

You can unlock the following attachments that can be used with this weapon:

Attachment Challenge
Grip Get 10 kills with this weapon
Red Dot Sight Get 25 kills with this weapon
Silencer Get 75 kills with this weapon
ACOG Scope Get 150 kills with this weapon
FMJ Get 300 kills with this weapon
Holographic Sight Get 60 kills with the Red Dot Sight
Heartbeat Sensor Get 15 kills with the Silencer
Thermal Scope Get 20 kills with the ACOG Scope
Extended Mags Get 40 Penetration kills with FMJ

[edit] Camouflages

You can unlock the following camouflages' for this weapon:

Camouflage Challenge
Desert Unlocked by default
Arctic Unlocked by default
Woodland Get 5 headshots with this weapon
Digital Get 15 headshots with this weapon
Urban Get 30 headshots with this weapon
Blue Tiger Get 75 headshots with this weapon
Red Tiger Get 150 headshots with this weapon
Fall Get 250 headshots with this weapon
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