The Mi-24, is a helicopter gunship/troop transport. It has capacity for eight and is armed with a variety of weapons depending on the type.

[edit] In Game

In the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Single Player Campaign, Hind helicopters play a significant role. They feature in all of Act I, II and III. Several Hinds are found within the levels All Ghillied Up and One Shot, One Kill, both airborne and parked. It is possible to be attacked by the airborne Hind in All Ghillied Up, and the Helicopter will destroy most of the Church structure that contains stinger missiles. Upon destroying the helicopter, MacMillan will state "Ok, now you're just showing off." One is shot down at the beginning of the level All In and will kill the player if he does not descend down a vent shaft. Finally, in the level Game Over, an Mi-24 pursues several SAS and Marines from the missile base after destroying two missiles that were launched at the USA. The Hind is then destroyed by an Mi-28 Havoc, which causes enough of a distraction for Cpt. Price to slide the stunned and wounded MacTavish a pistol and kill Imran. It is not possible to destroy the helicopter and prevent it from demolishing the bridge.

In Multiplayer, the Mi-24 is accessible to players on the Spetsnaz or OpFor team after winning a Seven Kill Streak. It is identical to the Supercobra in this capacity.

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