Production first began in 1891, and the rifle saw service until 1998. It's ruggedness and simplicity made it a weapon of choice for many Eastern Bloc countries. It was used extensively throughout WWII by the Red Army, and was the stock standard rifle issued to infantry. Also made in a sniper version, with a telescopic site attached. The Mosin Nagant is the rifle of choice for players in the Russian Campaign of the CoD series. It has a low rate of fire and high power. Effective at long range.

[edit] Scoped

A variant of the Mosin Nagant, the Mosin Nagant Scoped was the sniper version of the popular Soviet rifle. A telescopic site was added to the original rifle, allowing snipers to take a far more accurate aim over greater distances. This rifle is made popular by the movie 'Enemy at the Gates', as it was the weapon of choice of the lead protagonist, played by Jude Law.

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