Nacht der Untoten

This is the bonus mission that is unlocked after completing the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.


[edit] Summary

"You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong."

In the new online game mode, Nacht der Untoten (German for Night of the Undead but more commonly called Nazi Zombies), you hide in a mansion with 3 other friends while undead zombies try to break in and eat your brains. You start in a single room with 500 points each and a Colt M1911 pistol. Available in that room for purchase is a Kar98 for 200 points and a M1A1 for 600 points. Killing zombies and rebuilding the barricades rewards you points, and even more points for headshots. As the zombies approach a boarded up window they begin tearing down the boards. The more zombies, the quicker all of the board get torn down. Once they have torn all of the boards down, they will begin to enter that window and inside the mansion. Once inside, some zombies will drop a bonus after you kill them, such as a "nuke" bomb that decapitates all the zombies, max ammo, double points, and "insta-kill" making any damage to them instantly kill them.

There are three different rooms in total. The original room, the "Help" room, and upstairs. Although there are many different routes available to take to access these rooms. The alternative ground room contains a box, which at 950 points a go, gives you a random weapon, all of which feature in the campaign. Arguable the best available gun is the "Ray Gun".

When you are attacked by zombies, it takes about two times of receiving damage from them to drop you into second chance. In second chance, you can keep shooting with your pistol as long as there is at least one teammate alive. Unless a team mate decides to revive you, you will stay in second chance for a little while until you bleed out and die, and as long as there's at least one other alive player, you will be re-spawned at the beginning of the next new round. Once re-spawned you are only equipped with the pistol you started with and must buy a weapon again. Your points still remain from before you were killed. As the rounds go on, more and more zombies start to appear, and they become harder to kill. Try to last as many rounds as you can.

[edit] Strategy

An effective strategy is to stay in the original room up to round five. This is when you will open up the Help Room door, at the cost of 1000 points, and attempt to get a Ray Gun from the random weapon box. You can stay in the help room until level ten is reached. Providing everyone has a good gun, you will then open up the stairway in the help room, at a cost of 650 points. Go into the first room you see on the second floor and camp in there. All you need to cover in this room is one window and one door. Everyone should stand together in this room with their Ray Guns equipped, and shoot the Zombies as they come into the room.

[edit] Strategy 2

Another good strategy thats works for me is buying the stairs in the first room where the Carbine is. The stairs is 1000. Once you open up the stairs you get enough money to open up the other stairs from the upstairs to where the mystery box is. Those stairs cost 650. Once you are downstairs where the mystery box is then go and by a gun off the wall like the Thompson or go to the mystery box and try to go for a good gun like the ray gun or the MG42. You stay in the room where the mystery box is and you should be good for a long time.

Note: Make sure the help door is NOT open

Note: Make sure you watch the windows too when you are in the mystery box room

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