In the Call of Duty series, A Perk is an ability of sorts which can be equipped onto your player for use in multiplayer matches. There are 3 different perk slots (blue, red and green) which each have their own set of perks. E.g you can not equip a perk into whatever slot you like. The following is a description of all available perks. You unlock the Perks as you level up.


[edit] Perk 1

Note that equipping a grenade launcher or grip onto one of your weapons will replace this perk slot.

Bomb Squad - Ability to seek out enemy explosives

C4 Explosives x2 - Remote Detonation explosive

Claymore x2 - Trip activated explosive mine

RPG-7 x2 - Rocket Launcher with 2 rockets

Special Grenades x3 - 3 special grenades. No Smoke

Frag x3 - 3 Frag Grenades

Bandolier - Extra Ammunition magazines

[edit] Perk 2

Juggernaut - Increased Health

Sleight of hand - Faster Reloading

Stopping Power - Increased bullet damage

UAV Jammer - Undectable on enemy radar

Sonic Boom - Higher explosive weapon damage

Overkill - Carry two primary weapons, no pistol

Double Tap - Increased rate of fire

[edit] Perk 3

Extreme Conditioning - Sprint for longer distances

Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy

Last Stand - Pull out your pistol before dying

Deep Impact - Deeper bullet penetration

Dead Silence Make less sound when you move

Iron Lungs - Longer breath for steadier sniper shots

Eavesdrop - Has been taken out.

Martyrdom - Drop a live grenade when killed.

[edit] Kill Streak Perks

UAV - Calls in a UAV recon when 3 kill streak is achived.

Airstrike - Calls in an airstrike on a wanted position when 5 kill streak is achieved.

Helicopter - Calls in a Helicopter when 7 killstreak is achieved.

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