Safehouse is the 11th mission in the single player campaign on Call of Duty 4. This is the mission after Shock and Awe and it is the mission before All Ghilled Up.

Soap Mactavish

22nd SAS Regiment

[edit] Safehouse

You start the mission in some long grass. Then you get your first objective, to search the village buildings and capture Khaled Al-Asad. You then have to follow the path to the village, before you reach the village you will see some gun shots and realise they have noticed you and are trying to shoot you, take cover before taking them out with your guns. You will then have to call i air support for help to take out some of the enemies. It will come up on the screen when to call in air-support. You must then get to the first building and take out as much of the men as you can through the winodw before entering the house and taking out all the men before looking for Al-Asad. As he is not here, you must make your way to the second building and again take out most of them from outside before going in to get the remaining enemies, then look for Al Asad, he is not there either. you must do this for all the building on the radar one by one you will probably have to lead the way as the team will take ages to move forward if you do not go first. As always they wouldn't end a mission early so Al-Asad will be in the last building that you go to, they will bust open the door and captain price will hit Al-Asad before asking him questions, he claims he never did it. His cell phone then gets a call captain then answers it, it was Imran Zaekoev. This is where the mission ends. You have completed it successfully

You then see pictures of the man before the next mission.

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