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Tier 3
Unlocked at Rank MW2: 17

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

When Scrambler is equipped it will jam the enemy radar near you, making you invisible on the radar. The enemy will, however, know you are within that certain radius when the radar suddenly jams.

[edit] Pro Version


The pro version of this perk will delay claymores from setting off. This means that if you are running past a claymore you will avoid the explosion. To get the pro version, you've got to get 50 close range kills. Whilst many players regard the perk as detrimental due to it giving the enemy warning of your being nearby, the pro addition is seen as one of the most useful pro perk additions in the game, and it effectively makes it very difficult to be killed by claymores. However, the delay can mean that the claymore kills teammates who are following the player instead.

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