Search and Destroy Harcore MW2

Two teams take turns in defending and destroying an objective. Offense will carry a bomb that needs to be planted on either one of the two plant-sights defended by the other teams. On half time teams switch, defense will be offense. When players die in this game mode, they do not respawn until the following round. Players essentially get a max of 6 lives (7 if overtime) if the game plays through all rounds. Players kill and death streaks carry over from round to round. If a kill streak is won, it will be accessible in every round thereafter until the end of the game or if used.

Players: 12
Points to Win: 4
Goal: (Offense) To plant the bomb and kill off the other team gaining a point. (Defense) Keep the other team from planting the bomb. If the bomb is planted, kill off the enemy team, and/or defuse the bomb to win
Points Per Kill: 50
Points Per Assist:

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