Second Chance

Second Chance is a Perk that has been introduced since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with the name Last Stand. This is the Black Ops version. It costs 2000 COD points and It's unlocked at level 4 (when you unlock the Create a Class mode). It belongs to the 3rd perk tier.

[edit] Second Chance

Second Chance

Basically, this perk allows you to pull out your pistol before dying in order to kill the enemy who wounded you (or kill any other enemy around). It's an useful perk if you're afraid of loosing your killstreak.

Note: Even If you didn't equip a pistol in your Secondaries, you'll pull out a basic M1911.

[edit] Second Chance Pro

Second Chance pro

The Pro version allows you to do what the Normal version does plus: Survive longer (around 20 secs) and get revived by friendly players.

In order to obtain the Pro version you have to:

  • Kill 5 times the enemy who wounded you.
  • Kill 10 enemies while in Second Chance.
  • Get 1 headshot while in Second Chance.
  • Save 3000 COD points (to buy the Pro version after completing the challenges)

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