Sentry Gun

Sentry gun
A sentry gun being destroyed by an enemy

The old good Sentry Gun has followed us in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops. It's basically a Sentry Gun that fires at enemies within It's range. It's extrememly deadly but A single slash from a knife or gunfire will disarm it. Flash/Stun grenade will disable it a bit. Has a time limit.

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

In Modern Warfare 2, you have to kill 5 enemies without (4 with Hardline) dying to get the reward then you must throw a red smoke grenade to mark the location of an air drop package containing an M134 Minigun configured as an automatic M5 sentry gun. The same rules for the care package apply.

[edit] Black Ops

In Black Ops, It costs 32000 CoD points to buy it. You have to kill 6 enemies without dying (5 with Hardline). Then you must throw a blue smoke grenade to mark the location of air drop package containing a Sentry Gun.

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