Shi No Numa

The Zipline area of Shi No Numa, above the Doctor's Quarters.

Shi No Numa is the second Zombie Map, that you can download with the second map pack. Shi No Numa is Japanese for "Swamp of Death"


[edit] Map

Shi No Numa is a Swamp that is located near the Pacific, and is surrounded by a thick jungle. Altogether, there are five huts throughout the map, one directly in the middle, and four in each corner of the map. These four huts are called the Fishing Hut, the Storage, the Communications Room, and the Doctor's Quarters. Each of these outer huts contains a Perk-a-Cola Machine, a weapon, a possible spawn area for the Mystery Box, and Electro-Shock Defenses. The Perk-a-Cola machine is completely random, and when you enter into the first hut, it will cycle through the possible machines until one is chosen at random. The Electro-Shock Defenses can be used in each hut for 1000 points. In the Fishing Hut, the MP40 can be purchased for 1000 points, and there are three windows for Zombies to break through. In the Storage, there are two windows for Zombies to break through, and the Type 100 can be purchased for 1000 points. In the Communications Room, there are two windows where Zombies can enter, and the STG-44 can be purchased for 1200 Points. Lastly, in the Doctor's Quarters, There are two windows Zombies can break in through, and the B.A.R. can be purchased for 1800 points. Also, in the Doctor's Quarters, you can use the Zipline and take it back to the main hut for 1500 points. The Zipline must be activated first, though.

[edit] Features

There are several unique features that were newly added to this map that had not yet been shown in either of the maps prior to this one. The following is a list of them:

  • The type of Zombie featured in this map. Despite the name of this game mode being "Nazi Zombies", Shi No Numa was the first map to have Zombies that were not Nazis, but were instead Imperial Japanese Zombies. The next time this would be seen is in the map "Five", where there are American Zombies.
  • This is also the first map to feature Japanese-made weapons that could be purchased.
  • This was the first map where the Mystery Box shows a light shining up into the sky from its location. This is later seen at all of the maps except for "Five", because you are unable to go outside in that map.

[edit] Zombies

As previously stated, the Zombies in this map are Imperial Japanese Zombies instead of Nazi Zombies. These zombies have a unique appearance, some of which even have headgear, and they have their own unique walking/running, different than the Zombies of previous maps. Some Zombies that spawn in the water have an odd way of running at you, and they are known to not be slowed down by the water. This means that if you are in the water when one spawns, it has the capability to outrun you.

[edit] Differences in Black Ops

This map, along with the other three World at War Maps, appears in the Hardened and Prestige versions of Black Ops, along with the Rezurrection Map Pack. These are some of the differences included in Black Ops that were changed/improved from World at War.

  • The graphics were improved.
  • Weapons from the Cold War time period were added to the Mystery Box, replacing the World at War Weapons from World War II. The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is the only gun that remained in the Mystery Box from the World at war version, and all of the wall weapons also remained the same.
  • Glitches from World at War were patched in the Black Ops version.
  • The "Mule Kick" Perk-a-Cola Machine was added to the first floor of the map on 9/27/11/
  • A hidden radio message was added that explains how the characters made their ways to Kino Der Toten

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