This is the smallest of the multiplayer maps released so far,set in a russian shipyard. It is only available through some game modes, such as Headquarters, Cage Match, Team Tactical, and Domination. In all of these multi-player games, there can be no tactics apart from to go and try to kill everyone, there are no real places to hide and its full on combat for the whole game, this is great fun but also means that you just need to be good with a gun instead of beating your opponents with tactics.

Shipment is a square-shaped map with many shipping containers. Some containers can be entered and used as cover, but be warned: they're thin and even someone without Deep Impact can shoot through them.

Shipment is known for its fast-paced combat. Most players use a game on Shipment as a chance to complete weapon challenges for the shotguns and LMGs and some grenade challenges. Due to its incredibly small size, one of the most common elements in a Shipment match is a player getting upwards of four or five kills with a single Airstrike. This is due to players being killed by the Airstrike, and then respawning in the same place and being killed by the airstrike again.

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