Shock and Awe

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Shock and Awe is the 10th mission in the single player campaign on Call of Duty 4. It is the mission after War Pig and the mission before Safehouse.

Sgt Paul Jackson

1st force Recon

[edit] Shock and Awe

You start this mission in a helicopter with a special gun, you get taken into a city. Your first objective is to soften resistance for the ground assult, to do this you need to use ur gun to take out the enemys on the roofs and on the ground as well as taking out the enemy tanks. This is a great chance to show off the skills that you would have aquired from the mission Death from Above. Once you have done this you will get told that there is a unit in trouble and you need to go and help while the other helicopter has to go back and refuels so your team will be on its own for just now. You will be lowered to the ground as this will be done on foot and when you get to the unit that is in trouble you will have to get into the buildng that they are in kill all the enemies on the ground floor, then to and meet them on the second floor. You will then jump out the window and try to proceed to the LZ. You will again have to take down quite a force of enemies to get closer to the LZ. Once you are at the LZ you have to go to the mark 19 grenade launcher. You then find out that the other helicopter crashes and you must get to the pilot in under 1 minute and 30 seconds the best thing to do here is use the radar at the bottom to take the quickest route to him. Once you find him you take him back to the LZ. You have to rely on your team here to take care of your enemies while you get the pilot back to safety. You then see big explosions and your helicopter going out of control and this is where the mission ends. You will have completed it successfully.

You then see some bit about you basically still being alive, before next mission.

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