Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand
Modern Warfare Icon
Tier MW: 2
WAW: 2
MW2: 1
Unlocked at Rank MW: 20
WAW: 28
MW2: 4 (Create a Class)

[edit] Modern Warfare

Unlocked at rank 20. Allows you to reload weapons much faster. This is commonly used when equipped with a shotgun or LMG.

This is useful if you use hit and run tactics. It is also good to surprise your opponent that is in hiding by tricking them into thinking your weapon takes a while to reload, so they will use the oppurtunity to jump out of their hiding spot. However since reloading doesn't take as long, once your opponent is exposed, your gun should be reloaded by now. Now surprise your opponent and kill them in one move!

This perk is useful when using one of the guns from the LMG category as these are infamous for their prolonged reload time. Useful for shotguns and a few SMG's also.

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

This perk is available from the start of the game and much like the two previous games, it gives you faster reloading.

[edit] Pro Version


If you get 120 kills whilst using this perk, it'll be upgraded, which allows you to bring your scope up faster, this can be effective for snipers that have to kill someone at close range.

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