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Picture of the Springfield in Real Life

[edit] Information

The Springfield is a bolt-action rifle that was used by the Americans during World War 2. The Springfield can be adapted to use a Grenade Launcher or a Sniper scope. It has an effective range of 600 yards but due to the posistion of sniper scope cartridges must be loaded individually. The available attachments for this gun are the Bayonet, and the Sniper Scope.

[edit] Call of Duty

Ingame Picture

In Call of Duty 3 this is one of the best guns that you can use, it is really effective over a large distance and in certain missions it will have a sniper scope which is really handy for clearing out bunkers at a distance. The one disadvantage of the Springfield is the time it takes to reload especially when in close combat situations.Return to Call of Duty 3 Weapons

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