Stealth Bomber

The Stealth Bomber is a 9 killstreak on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It calls in a B-52 Spirit bomber after you choose the coordinates, similar to the Precision Airstrike. When called in, it completely covers one strip of the map. The Stealth Bomber got the "Stealth" in it's name because it does not show up on enemy radar when it is called in. Aside from that, there's really nothing stealthy about it. It is very loud, and if you survive its massive path of destruction, you will suffer severe shell shock for a few seconds.

[edit] Tactics

When an enemy Stealth Bomber is coming in, your announcer will not warn you. However, its loud sound can easily be recognized before it bombs your position, giving you a few seconds to get to cover. The best thing to do is find a nearby building or some protective structure, and get as far away from the entrance as possible. If you are in a building, you can still be killed by the splash damage, especially if the enemy calling it in has Danger Close Pro on.

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