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Call of Duty 2 was mainly focused on World War 2 and its main battles. While playing the game, you get to go through several different campaigns that play out the lives of different American, British, and Russian soldiers. You get to see and fight the war in their eyes while advancing through different levels of gameplay.

Call of Duty 2 starts with off Red Army Training, in which players control Private Vasili Ivanovich Koslov of the Russian Red Army, which are training during the Battle of Moscow. After finishing the "training" by pushing back a German assault, the player takes part in close combat house fighting across Stalingrad. Vasili assists the Russian offensive in permanently taking back a disputed train yard and importantly pushing back a heavy German counterattack on the city hall.

In the second campaign, the player plays as the British Sgt. John Davis of the 7th Armoured Division. Davis is commanded by Captain Price, originally from Call of Duty. There is also a Scottish private named MacGregor in Davis's squad. During the advance from El-Alamein, Egypt to Tunisia, and the fighting at Caen in Normandy, the character must dominate buildings, towns, and facilities and defend against counterattacks each time. The British campaign includes much armour, which was the backbone of the North African campaign. Throughout most of the missions, the British will be covered by Crusader and Sherman tanks.

Another part of the British levels has the player taking on the role of a British tank commander, Commander David Welsh. It is only two levels long, but the player takes part in the 7th Armoured Division's advance across Libya, attacking the Germans which were retreating.

The last set of missions are the American campaign. As Cpl. Bill Taylor of the 2nd Ranger Battalion, the player starts off by playing a part in D-Day, at the assault of Pointe du Hoc, which was located four miles west of Omaha Beach. The Americans have no more than twenty feet of beach to charge up before having to climb ropes up a cliff to destroy artillery aimed at Utah Beach and Omaha Beach. On arriving at the top of the cliffs, the guns are discovered to be decoys. The player then has to go through German trenches and a French village to find the real set of guns. The remainder of the campaign consists of the player taking part in the fighting in Normandy and on Hill 400, while under fire of German machine gun bunkers, artillery and Tiger tanks. Interestingly, a Panzer II is seen in Normandy even though they were almost non-existent by then.

The final level is of the Americans crossing the Rhine River into Germany. In the last part of the game, Sgt. Randall receives a field promotion to Lieutenant and suggests to the Colonel that Taylor should be promoted to replace the now empty Sgt. position.

The end is the dramatic rescue of Cpt. Price from German hands by American soldiers. After the credits end the words, "No cows were harmed in the making of this game" appear, as in the original Call of Duty. This is in reference to the dead cattle lying about in many of the Normandy missions.

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