Strike Packages

Strike Packages are a new feature relating to customisable kill streaks in Modern Warfare 3. There are three of these packages to choose from (Assault, Support and Specialist), and they determine how killstreaks behave. The Assault package gives you kill streaks which get more kills, and they kills build up in the usual fashion. It is not yet known whether they will be cumulative, or whether they will not count towards the current streak. The Support package can built up 'point streaks' for getting kills and securing objectives. The rewards include armour for the entire team and a Juggernaught suit. Getting killed whilst near objectives does not result in the streak being reset. The Speacialist package allows the player to have up to six perks. Extra perks are gained though achieving point streaks, but are lost on death.

It is unconfirmed whether players will be able to select a new package on respawn, or whether each custom class will be tied to one particular package.

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