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In World at War, you have the option of creating 5 custom classes. With every prestige unlocked, you get one more class. The classes are customizable and are better then the pre-made classes if you create them right. It is suggested that you have some variety in each one of your classes. For example, do not have two shotgun classes with identical perks and grenades, instead try to change things around. You will also want to equip a variety of different weapons. Do not put only SMG's or snipers, try to deviate. This will be important as each map is different. While a SMG might be effective on a small map, a bolt action rifle or LMG will be more effective on a larger one. Your classes should also be unique for each game mode. While Team Deathmatch will require more of the power weapons, Search and Destroy will need a more stealth type of class. In this game mode, using camoflauge, silenced weapons will usually be more effective then a regular team death match class. Hardcore will require different types as well.

Different perks also have to be taken into consideration. For example, using double-tap on a Springfield would be useless. If your gun is lacking power, Stopping power is recommended. If your playing Search & Destroy, a game mode where going undetected is a great advantage, the Camoflague perk might be helpful.

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