Talk:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 has been confirmed that it will be releasing on 8/11/11, this is a Tuesday. Battlefield 3 and MW3 are meant to be having a head to head battle as EA has given a release date for Batllefield 3 which is expected to be November 2nd. It will be great to see what the outcome is. I can now link you to the websites of the developors of the next installment of the Call Of Duty series. is a well respected source that will leak a lot of accurate information about Call of Duty. They have been known to have told us a lot about past Call of Duty games such as Black ops, Modern Warfare 2 and World at War. I will also put a link to Kotaku so that you can stay informed the best you can about this up and coming Call of Duty game. An exciting feature is going to be in Modern Warfare 3. Dedicated servers have been promised to be on all consoles. This has been confirmed by Mr Robert Bowling in a tweet he tweeted shortly after the first gameplay trailer was released.

Here is some confirmed weapons:

Sub Machine Gun: Scorpion

Sub Machine Gun: Two Variants of the MP5

Assault Rifle: Scar-L (Black Finish)

Pistol: MP 412

Semi Auto Sniper Rifle: M21 EBR

Semi Auto Sniper Rifle: RSASS

Shotgun: Model 1887 (Black Finish)

Assault Rifle: Remington

Pistol: P99

Assault Rifle: Ak 47

Semi Auto Sniper Rifle: Barret

Shotgun: Striker (South African)

Grenade Launcher: M320 Grenade Launcher + Attachment

Shotgun: AA12

Assault Rifle: M4A1

Assault Rifle: G-36

FNG (Foldable Machine Gun): Magpul