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[edit] Updates

Hello children. Just telling you about a couple of updates that are happening to the Wiki. I have successfully edited the NavBar (bar at the top of the Wiki) and added in a few other options. Also, i have 'pimped out' the Main Page to make it look a lot better. I'm also planning to add in a background that will effect the entire Wiki and will make it a lot better to look at.

- Jamesy.

[edit] Hey

Hey guys. Just saying if you have any questions, or want to talk about this wiki, just have your say in here. Remember to put your name underneath what you have written.


[edit] Competition

Just wanted to say well done to all the contributors so far, the competition has evidently shaped this place up, and I am learning a lot more about this game as I get more and more in to it. Well done guys! -Carlyon