The Bog

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The Bog is the sixth mission in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare campaign.

[edit] Detailed walkthrough


The Bog is a mission on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

You will be starting this mission off the back of Charlie Don't Surf. This is the 6th single player campaign mission, although many don't class the first two missions as missions as they are just doing training on combat.

The Bog

Sgt Paul Jackson

1st Force Recon

[edit] Enemy Forces

You mill start this mission on a road. Your aim is to kill the people in the windows of the buildings while moving down the road. When you are near the bottom of the road you need to secure the M1A2 Abrams tank that is stranded in the bog, this will be done later when you get to the bog. Then make your way toward the building killing all the the enemies who are situated outside the building. You will need to turn on your night vision here or you will not be able to see. Once you reach the building get in and secure the ground florr before making your way to the next floor. Once you do this go back to the ground floor. You will see your enemies are outside calling for reinforcements, you will have to kill the ones outside by the window and then get the tank back again. To do this you first need to kill all the enemies in the next building then you must pick up the weapon Javelin. Using this you must blow up the two enemie tanks that are coming to help reinforce. You must then make your way to the bog. On your way to the bog there are no enemies but once you get there then there will be heaps.

[edit] The Bog

When you get to the bog, you will reasile that the tank is stranded right in the middle of the place. You need to get to this tank. In order to do this you must intercept the enemies before they can overrun the tank,k and kill all of your enemies. Then you must destroy the enemy ZPU anti-aircraft gun. To destroy the gun you must first find it and get to it then you must plant c4 on the gun and get away to a safe distance before detonating the explosives which will destroy it. You now need to secure the southern sector of the bog with help from air support, to do this you will have to plant the IR Beacon to signal air support on your location, they will then secure the southern sector for you. After this you must meet up with the squad at the tank. Now is the time when you secure the tank and let the engineers fix it. This is the end of the mission.

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