Their Land, Their Blood

This is the fifth mission of the Call of Duty: World at War Campaign.

[edit] Summary

"Break through the German defenses in the town of Seelow."

A reasonably difficult mission, it requires you to blast through the German trench network in the town of Seelow with the Red Army. Starts off with you (the player), being held prisoner by the Wehrmacht. Just as you are about to be executed, an explosion knocks out the wall of the house and you are saved by Sgt. Reznov,who saved you before at Stalingrad.(Vendetta mission).He tells Chernov to kill the injured German soldiers.But he refuses to fire at them.He tells that they are already bleeding and they will die.Then Sgt. Reznov tells you to 'Make their bleeding quicker'.It is up to you to finish them,or not.

Now, you run through wheat fields, encountering brief German resistance. This can be easily quashed by the use of Molotov cocktails (might I add that at this point the interaction with you environment is sensational, as the wheat fields go up in flames, driving the Germans out into the open and making it easy for you to pick them off.) Continue following your comrades as they head down a valley. Watch out on the far side of the valley, as a German company sets up and starts firing at you, as well as 2 Tiger tanks. Do not worry about the tanks, as they are dealt with for you by a timely artillery strike. However, make sure you pick off the company of troops as they will take health off you before you hit the trenches, which is not good. Once you hit the network of trenches, it is advised you pick up some sort of machine gun, or as I call them, a 'Room Clearer'. Trench warfare is too fast and furious to be carrying around a single shot Mosin Nagant, and as such you will find yourself dead sooner rather than later. Follow the network of trenches around, clearing out pockets of resistance (remember, you still have your comrades covering your back, so don't worry about being alone) until you reach the end of the network of trenches. Here, you will see a barn, and you are informed that Tiger tanks are on their way! So, head into the barn, pick up the anti-tank rifles, and pick off the 4 Tiger tanks. From here, you go right, across to another barn, where you meet another company of troops. Kill as many as you can, but the troops are not the important objective here, because a 5th Tiger tank comes bursting out of the barn, and you are tasked to kill it with your remaining Panzerfaust. Once done, you are informed that the Germans are retreating and the mission will end with the joyous shouts of the Red Army.

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