Picture of the Thompson in Real Life

American submachine gun with high accuracy and moderate power. Effective at close to medium range.


[edit] Information

The Thompson Sub-Machine gun is also known as the 'tommy gun' it was used between 1938-1971 and was designed by John Thompson. The was blow-back operated and could fire 700 rounds per minute. The M1A1 version of the Thompson had either 20 or 30 round capacity magazines. It played quite a part in world war 2 for the allies. The maximum ammunition the gun can hold is upto 360 rounds. The fire mode of the gun is automatic.

[edit] Call of Duty 3

In Call of Duty 3 this gun features regularly and is probably the best in the game, it has a good range, accuracy and great power.

[edit] Call of Duty: World at War


[edit] Primary Attributes

Accuracy: 7.5/10

Damage: 7/10

Range: 4.5/10

Fire Rate: 7.5/10

Mobility: 10/10

[edit] Attachments

Suppressor: 25 Kills

Aperture Sight: 50 Kills

Round Drum: 150 Kills

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