Trench Gun

Trench Gun
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Picture of the Trench Gun in Real Life

[edit] Information

The Trench Gun also known as the Winchester Model 1897 is a pump-acton shotgun. It was designed by John Browning who also designed the BAR, Browning M1919A6 and Browning M2. It was used for Trench assault and clearing. It had a six round capacity. The trnch gun is in Call of Duty 2, 3 and World at War. The maximum ammunition in Call of Duty is 60 rounds. It does medium damage to the enemies.

[edit] Call of Duty

Ingame Picture

In Call of Duty 3 the Trench Gun was brutal at close range and was excellent at clearing bunkers especially on Hill 262 with the Polish 1st Armoured Division. It has a six round capacity but due to its slow firing you can be easily be ambushed by multiple Germans.

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