Trench Shotgun

M1897 Trenchgun

[edit] Information

The M1897 Trenchgun was the first shotgun officaly adoped by the United States Millitay en masse.It is a 12 or 16 gadge pump action shotgun.

[edit] Call of Duty

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The M1897 trenchgun is usable by everyone as it is a default weapon, this shotgun has a total of 6 rounds that are all very useful in closecombat crowds. Its shot area is quite small once you get close enough to hit the enemyand it will often killing the target in one shot. Accuracy isn't a problem with this weapon, since the spread is pretty tight, even when you're not aiming. Since you don't need to worry about accuracy, don't bother with the ironsights. Even if a target survives, he should be seriously wounded or on the floor with his pistol out.

[edit] Call Of Duty: World At War

This shotgun is unlocked from the beggining. It is very high power but has bad accuracy unless your close. This gun is perfect if you have someone covering your back, you can run in and clear a whole room quicker than most guns. Its high recoil increases its chances of a headshot but can be annoying if you miss. You can stop reloading at any time by clicking the fire button and this keeps you ready for a sneak attack that you wouldnt expect.

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