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Kills Required 3

[edit] Modern Warfare

After achieving 3 consecutive kills on the enemy team you are rewarded a UAV recon. When you call in a UAV you are rewarded 10 points. The UAV recon sweeps across your mini map and exposes the enemy players as red dots. It does this for 30 seconds. Please note that the UAV lags and if a player is moving it will show the red dot where he was if that player is moving.

If enemy players have the tier two perk UAV Jammer then they will not show up as red dots when the UAV sweeps across the mini map.

[edit] Modern Warfare 2

The UAV works exactly the same way as Modern Warfare. Players won't show up on the radar if they are using the Cold-Blooded perk. UAV's can be destroyed, by shooting your weapon at it or firing a Stinger, when destroyed you will receive 50 points.

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