Walkthrough WaW


[edit] Semper Fi

Start off by picking up either the M1 Garand or Type 100, then run straight until you reach the water. Take the path under the burning building. Kill the enemies here and keep moving straight until you reach the other building. If you want you can save Pvt. Ryan from his burning attacker and get either an achievement(360) or Trophy(PS3). Pick off the enemies surrounding the circular hut. Keep moving past the hut until you see an enemy get taken out by an ally. Now this is where it gets difficult.

On the other side will be an enemy in a small hut with a turret through the window, surrounded by a tons of guys. Take out the turret guy first, then take out the remaining enemies. (frags work good here) Keep moving through the jungle until you are ambushed by Banzai enemies. Take them out then keep moving until you reach the beach. Now you are ordered to take out the spotlight and enemy standing on top of the watchtower to the left. First throw a few frags into the bunker to your left, then take out the spotlight.

Keep moving straight i the river until you are stopped. See all those dead enemies on the ground? They aren't dead! You will now be flashbanged and ambushed. This is tough. Just stay covered and take out all the enemies. Once you think you're done, keep moving to the left until you encounter even more enemies. Make your way up to the top of this trail until you see a truck. Go to the back of the truck and Activate it to push it down into the enemies.

Head down to the enemies and take them out. Now run left into the bunker with Cpt. Roebuck to plant the satchel charges. Once you do that, run out of there! Run straight into the beach which will cause a cutscene to play. Mission complete!

[edit] Little Resistance

Watch the cutscene as your boat heads closer and closer to shore. You will be launched into the water. When you wash up on shore, you'll be able to control the character. Your first goal is to call in rocket strikes. Push - on the D-pad, aim at the desired location (straight ahead, the big cluster of enemies), and push RT to fire. Move forward with your fellow soldiers until they crouch down in a small pit. From here, right up and to the left. Up ahead, you can push X to bayonet an injured enemy. Do so, if you like.

When you come up to a clearing, with a bunker to the right, call in an airstrike to take it out. After doing so, stay crouched behind the nearest barricade, as enemies will flood out into the battlefield. Use airstrike again, aiming it into the deepest cluster of enemies in the battlefield. Proceed to mop up the remaining enemies in the battlefield.

Once the coast is clear, cautiously move forward. You will encounter more resistance, but in fewer numbers. Bayonet/knife anyone who gets too close for comfort, pushing X to do so.

Head to the left of the battlefield. Go slow, there is a tank straight ahead. Head straight through the trench.

Stay behind the first set of crates while finishing off any remaining enemies, then proceed through the trench. Be ready for an ambush coming from the right side. It's just one soldier, no problem.

Roebuck will tell you to watch the tree in front of you. Shoot the soldier who is climbing up.

Another cluster of soldiers await in the grass. Backpedal while shooting to take them out with little fuss. Continue through the path until you reach a clearing.

Your next objective is to attack the Japanese bunker to your left. Instead of fighting head on, move straight through the clearing in the same direction from which you approached to an underground passage across the way. Shoot the few soldiers inside the passage and follow the tunnel all the way through. You should have a clear shot at most of the enemies attacking your men. Take them out, then turn right so you are looking at the bunker.

Climb the ladder, then turn so you're facing the same side of the bunker where you entered. With any luck, the enemies manning each machine gun won't notice you, allowing for a couple easy revenge kills. Head through the doorway to your left and walk straight to the wall, where you have a clear view of the mortar pit below. Roebuck will tell you to call in a rocket strike on two enemy tanks.

The first tank is located directly behind the soldiers you just blew up. Call a strike on that one first. The second tank is located to the right of the mortar pit, and further back. Call the second strike and watch the fireworks. Turn left and head through the doorway to where your buddies are waiting. An enemy soldier will burst through the door in front of you and stab Sullivan. Get revenge and watch the chapter end as Roebuck tries to tend to your fallen comrade

[edit] Hard Landing

Follow your team through the swamp as Roebuck consoles the younger soldiers.

Take cover behind the stones on the left side of the pathway while your team examines the downed airplane ahead. It's the makings of an ambush, so why not be prepared? When the plane explodes, shoot the three soldiers that appear in front of it, then go after any remaining enemies. Watch out for any who rush towards you. Another ambush is ahead by the big tree running through your path. Start by shooting the well-camouflaged soldier to the left and move to his position for cover. Take down the remaining soldiers and move forward to meet some more allies.

Your next objective is to assault Japanese bunkers ahead. Press B to crouch, then stay all the way to the left on the path ahead, so you are positioned to the left of a nearby artillery cannon. This is a perfectly serviceable location to flank the opposing force. Stay crouched as you eliminate all the enemies. You should be safe from heavy gunfire, but watch for grenades.

Run into the first bunker and shoot the first enemy you see. When you reach a wall and you see a Japanese flag in the hallway to the left, turn the corner around the wall in front of you and shoot the enemy waiting behind it, then quickly spin to the left and kill the other enemy waiting in the next passageway Proceed through the bunker, shooting the last enemy inside, and join your fellow soldiers outside. Defeat any enemies that your allies haven't killed outside, then move through the burning structure ahead for your next objective.

On your way through the burning structure, look to your right and kill any enemies that are causing trouble for your fellow soldiers. Keep moving until you reach a vantage point on the bunker ahead.

Approach the cover where your team is waiting. Your next objective will be to recover a flamethrower from a fallen comrade. Stay low and navigate to the star icon as seen on your map. The flamethrower is glowing in gold to make it easier to see. Swap it with one of your weapons by holding 'X'. Flame the bunker by aiming into the two windows and holding 'RT'. When the controller rumbles, the objective is complete.

Keep the flamethrower. Move through the bunker, taking out the two enemies hiding inside. Exit the bunker and start moving towards the airfield ahead.

Follow the path with your buddies. Get ready for an ambush once you see a plane going down in front of you. The enemies are clever at hiding, but not much of a threat otherwise. Start by shooting the handful hiding in the grass as they emerge. Keep an eye out for charging enemies as the final batch rises from the grass. Move along the path.

You'll reach a trench ahead where your fellow soldiers are pinned down across from a building. On Roebuck's word, follow him through the trench to a nearby supply truck, where you can pick up a rifle fitted with rockets. Use the rockets to destroy the two machine guns perched on building's top floor. Approach the building from the left side and clear out as many other enemies as you can before moving in.

Go back to the doorway and turn right. You'll see the stairs, walk up, turn back and move to the opening in the building, where you get a great view of the airfield. Follow Roebuck and your crew to the U.S. Tanks.

Shortly along the path, you'll be directed to the left, where you can hop into a mortar pit and grab a bazooka. Hold 'X' to pick it up, and use it to destroy three Type97 tanks. The first tank will roll right in front of your pit. Take it down with two shots from the bazooka, then head back into the mortar pit to grab some more ammo. Use your radar to locate the last two tanks, identifiable as golden circles with stars inside. You may have to run back to the mortar pit again if you run out of bazooka shells while fighting the tanks. This objective isn't too dangerous, just keep moving and watch for grenades.

An anti-aircraft bunker is giving the U.S. a hard time. Before raiding it, you need to clear the surrounding area. As you approach the Japanese base, you'll see a mortar pit teeming with enemies. Toss in a grenade to draw them out, then shoot as many as you can. Storm the mortar pit and clear any remaining enemies. Your teammates should follow suit. When you get to the wall of the AA bunker, turn right. Shoot the enemies guarding the entrance to the bunker and head up the stairs.

The objective to destroy the AA operators is fairly straightforward. You'll face enemies head-on. Take cover and shoot as many as you can, letting your allies do the rest. Don't forget to toss grenades at larger groups. The AA guns are large turrets that point straight into the sky. Each of the four at this base has two men operating it. Kill them all and clear out the remaining troops to cue the victory music.

Now you'll need to defend the tower from one last counterattack by the Japanese. Find the mounted cannon on the bunker's back wall and hold X to operate it. Resist the temptation to hold down the trigger the entire time while fighting the enemy. This will cause the machine gun to overheat, probably at the worst possible time. The wall-mounted gun has limited range. If any enemies are out of reach, get off the wall and use your conventional weapons and grenades to fend them off. If you saved any bazooka rounds from the tank battle, now is a good time to use them. Once you've held the base, it will be time to check in on your Russian allied soldier

[edit] Vendetta

Be patient while the Nazis scour the area for survivors of their massacre. Once you gain movement, crawl forward and meet with Sgt. Reznov. Follow Reznov to the hole in the wall, where he'll offer you a sniper rifle. Hold X to grab it. You'll get ammo for the rifle once he finishes his speech.

Follow Reznov into the clearing and behind cover. Do not disturb the soldiers in front of you. Go with Reznov to the building to your right. Jump through the window by walking up to it, then pressing 'A'.

Follow Reznov through the building to the truck ahead. A sniper makes his presence known, so you'll have to hide inside another building.

Go upstairs with Reznov. The sniper is lurking on one of the top three floors in the building across the way. Reznov will draw some sniper fire to see what floor he's on, then it's up to you to finish the job. Keep track of the sniper as he moves and keep your gun trained where you think he'll shoot from next. You won't have much time to line up a shot, so fire quickly once you get him in your crosshairs. The sniper will also use his helmet as a decoy, which looks like a head that pops above one of the windowsills. Only shoot when you see a body. Follow Reznov through the building and downstairs.

Jump over the table into the next room with Reznov and get low. The dogs will sniff you out either way, but you'll need to lay prone by holding B to avoid the flames that soon enter the building.

Crawl with Reznov through the building. When he stands up, you'll see a German soldier aiming from the far left window in front of you. Take him down before moving forward. When you turn the corner of the building, you'll see two more soldiers in each window of the next room. Shoot them both before heading upstairs with Reznov. Watch for grenades here, as you follow Reznov to the right and into the next room. A log will fall, pinning you to the ground, but worry not; Reznov will save you.

Follow Reznov through the building. When you get to the window, run right past him to escape the fiery structure. When Reznov falls, it appears the surrounding Germans will take him prisoner, but some newfound Russian teammates are on hand to defeat them. After a brief exchange, follow Reznov up the ladder ahead.

Move ahead into the building, to the windows on your left. Your next objective is to give cover fire for your comrades below, but if you don't address several key points of interest, you could also end up dead. Start with the flamethrower, seen walking around towards the middle of the courtyard. Shoot his tank as soon as you get a clear shot, and the explosion will take out several nearby enemies. Another flamethrower will soon appear. Destroy him the same way you blew up the other soldier. Next, look straight ahead to the building across the way. Shoot the soldier operating the machine gun in the window.

A fresh set of German soldiers will flood the balcony to your left. Take them down now. A pair of soldiers can be seen shooting down on you from a building on your left side. Take them down before clearing any leftover enemies from the ground below. One the Germans retreat, follow Reznov upstairs and onto the roof.

Before you cross into the next building, turn around and grab the PTRS-41, which is a better sniper rifle than the one you have. As you move through the next building, swap the PTRS-41 for the MPG. Use your new machine gun to cut down any charging guards in the next shootout. Also, save some ammunition for the two dogs that attack you. Once they are defeated, return to the last room and swap the MPG back for the PTRS-41. Clear our the remaining enemies from the corridor where Reznov is waiting.

Your comrades below need help again. Look to your left on the rooftop and you'll see a stairway down to a convenient platform for sniping. The metal panel in the middle of the platform is perfect for cover. Start by shooting the two machine guns on either side of the ground, plus the tank gun operator towards the right, then work on the remaining foot soldiers. Be on the lookout for a flamethrower. Partway through the battle, some soldiers will appear on the shorter structure to the left. Take them down for your own safety.

Head back upstairs to meet with Reznov. You'll meet a short resistance from some soldiers in the building ahead. Just watch for grenades and stay out of the open. You can use your sniper rifle to take them down, but Reznov will help with his submachine gun. Once the enemies are dispatched, follow Reznov to the set of windows in the next room.

Your final objective is to kill General Amsel, who exits a building on the far left with a crew of bodyguards. Take out as many as you can, but keep an eye on the tank nearby. He will run from the right side of the tank to a truck toward the back center section of the ground. One shot with the sniper rifle should do the trick.

Taking down Amsel's sniper will make your job easier. He's first standing near the back right side of the tank, then he runs out into the field. If you haven't killed Amsel by the time his getaway car arrives at the back center section of the ground, shoot the driver. You'll have one last chance to shoot Amsel as he flees to the right. As Reznov is praising you, tank fire will knock you off your feet. Get up, staying clear of any grenades tossed into the building. Take out any soldiers in the stairwell that Reznov can't handle on his own, then go upstairs and through the door way. Jump with Reznov out the window to the right, into the water below, to end your mission.

[edit] Their Land, Their Blood

The action resumes three years later, with Pvt. Petrenko under German capture, but it's not long before your old friend Reznov breaks you out. With rifle in hand, follow your buddies outside and through the field. With so many allies, It's possible to complete this section without firing your weapon.

Once you emerge through the wooded area, you are given the choice to advance to the left or right. First, help your team dispatch the German soldiers ahead. Once defeated, you can scavenge their remains for a sizable cache of guns and ammo. Be sure to grab an MP5.

Following the Left Path, you'll reach an area with elaborate log barriers. First, take out any enemies on the left side. Then, crouch and proceed on the right side. The Germans will be approaching from a pathway that leads ahead and to the right. This is a great spot to ambush them with your machine gun.

Continue along the path to a wide open battlefield. If you want to trade accuracy for pure firepower, switch your MP5 for the Deployable FG42, which is leaning against the first piece of cover you encounter. Instead of fighting the Germans head-on, sneak around to the right and up a small hill, where you'll find an ambush point on your attackers. Use grenades to thin the crowd, then shoot the rest with conventional weapons. Enemies will continue to emerge from a tunnel on your right, but once the opposition is sufficiently slimmed, you can leave this vantage point to press on. Start back along the path you came from, but turn right and jump over the short log walls once you reach them. Then, turn right again and head back towards the tunnel where your enemies are situated. By now, your comrades should get the hint and move forward to help you out. Clear out the remaining opposition and run to the tunnel.

You'll face a small amount of soldiers after emerging from the tunnel, but nothing you and your friends can't handle. The next objective is to defeat four enemy tanks. A few soldiers are lingering around the barn ahead. Take them out first, then look to the left. You'll see a glowing Panzerschrek resting against a burning German truck. Hold X to grab it. Start with the tank just sticking out past the edge of the barn. Hit it with two rockets, quickly, before it trains its fire on you. The next tank is also straight beyond the barn, but further down field. Dispatch it with two more rockets.

If you look to your right, you'll see a cottage-style house in the distance. The last two tanks are located in front of it. Before progressing, you'll have to deal with any lingering soldiers near the barn. Some of them are tough to see because they're in the grass; lay down some FG42 fire in the direction of the red dots on your radar to hush up the opposition. Continue along the dirt path. You'll find another glowing Panzerschrek to refill your ammo. Set your sights on the third tank just before you reach the tree that hangs over the path. Again, fire quickly before the tank tries to shoot you. Before destroying the last tank, stop near the cottage home to deal with a few distracting enemies. One of them, in the top left window, has a rocket launcher. If you have any Panzerschrek ammo left, deal with him quickly by launching a rocket inside. There's also a gunner on the roof to shoot. You'll find more Panzerschrek ammo further along the path if you need it. By now, you can take two clear shots at the last tank. Checkpoint Reached Behind the last tank, Reznov and crew are waiting. You'll find even more Panzerschrek ammo, perfect for destroying yet another tank that emerges from the barn. Stay behind cover and you can dispatch it quickly. When you're finished, follow Reznov into the barn.

Now it's your team's turn to operate a tank. Follow it along the path from the barn, or save your thumb some stress by approaching the back of a tank and holding X to hop on. The tanks will reach a roadblock, so your next objective will be to clear the German camp on foot. Start by locating the Panzerschrek ammo, again highlighted in gold, then move to the barricade to your left. Shoot the truck in front of you to destroy it, blowing up all nearby enemies in the process. Then, use the Panzershreck to destroy the tower in the distance. Stay crouched, but stay moving to avoid grenades. Get back to the right side of the battlefield, where you'll have an easier time facing the opposition. Make liberal use of the FG42 to mow down the enemy. When you reach the opening in the fence, quickly destroy the truck ahead with grenades or FG42 fire, and the surrounding soldiers will perish in the explosion.

Again, stay to the right. From right side of the second black tent, you'll see a tower, which you can destroy with your Panzerschrek. Peek around the left side of the tent and you'll see another tower to destroy. Keep moving forward, shooting any remaining enemies as you go.

Ahead, toward the center of the camp, is a barricaded area you can't reach. Take out the machine gunner atop the vehicle with a grenade, then defeat any remaining soldiers. Move to the next section of the camp through a passage to the right. Keep walking along the path for your last objective of killing any fleeing Germans. You don't have to do much from here to finish the mission. Walk along the path and listen to Reznov's victory speech.

[edit] Burn 'em Out

Back in Pvt. Miller's shoes, you start the mission with a flamethrower and a Garand rifle. Stay crouched and move through the trenches with your team until you're facing a machine gun head-on in the distance. Find a safe place to hide. 1.Press LB to throw a smoke grenade into the area that faces the machine gun. Once the clouds are thick enough, storm through. 2.When you turn the next corner, start blasting the opposition with the flamethrower. There are two behind cover to the left, and others running in the trenches. Keep an eye above the trenches as well for any more enemies. 3.Keep pushing through the trenches ahead of you, flaming any enemies within range. But don't get too crazy or you'll hurt some of your teammates as well. Eventually, you'll reach the first mortar pit. Keep torching the enemy with your flamethrower to complete the first part of your objective. 4.There's an M1897 Trench Gun in this room, but it's best to hang on to your current weapons for the challenges ahead. 5.Head back out the way you came. When you reach the first opening where you encountered the enemy, turn left and head into the enclosed trenches while team fights the enemy above. Torch the enemy above the trench directly in front of you. 6.Strategy: Then, use the walls as cover and briefly step into the open to blast the enemies around the corner. Start with the one on the right, then hit the two behind the sandbags. 7.Checkpoint Reached 8.As you turn the next corner to the right, use your Garand to shoot the enemies in the trees. There are two of them, one in the tree to the right and one in the big middle tree. Look for the flash of their guns to spot them. 9.Move ahead in the trench and flame any remaining enemies in the corridor. 10.Take out your Garand as you move around the corner. There are three soldiers perched above the trenches ahead. Shoot them and any others that try to charge you. Be ready to press RS if one of the charging soldiers knocks you down. 11.When you turn left around the next corner, shoot the red barrels in the distance to clear out some of the opposition ahead. Watch for grenades and ambushes as you take out the remaining enemies. Be ready to throw grenades back with 'RB'

Back outside, head over the small hill to reach the second mortar pit. Use your flamethrower to fell the opponents inside.

Run through the second pit to continue your mission. There's a sniper in the trees directly above you on the left side of the trench. Torch it to take him down. Stay crouched and shoot any enemies that come around the corner or approach the top of the trench ahead. Turn the corner. A few enemies will try to ambush you, but they're easily handled with a rifle.

As you move through the next length of trench, look for a passage to the left and head inside. You'll find one enemy trying to take cheap shots at your crew. Shoot him, and grab his Type 99 if you like. Go outside and use the cover directly across from you while fighting the enemies ahead. A well-placed smoke grenade will help you get close to the action, but be extra careful for bonzai attackers if you choose this method.

The passage on your left contains one enemy and more Type 99 ammo. Take the passage on your right to find the last mortar pit.

Dispatch the remaining enemies and banzai attacker in the room, them move to the last mortar pit. Use the same strategy of shooting through wood to kill some of the attackers. Clear out any other enemies to complete the mission.

[edit] Relentless

The level begins with Miller, Roebuck and crew traveling along with a caravan of tanks. This ride won't last, though as your squad is ambushed by hefty group of Japanese soldiers.

Follow Roebuck to the log on the left and take cover. Use your Browning machine gun to mow down the opposition ahead, then move to the next cover log on the right side of the path.

Swap your Trench Gun for the Garand with Launcher just in front of the cover log. Use this gun for enemies at long range. Shoot as much of the opposing force as you can, and be careful for grenades. Move to the left side, where the path splits in two direction. Head as far to the left as you can, so you're off the path and into the raised leafy terrain. There will be enemies waiting, camouflaged, in the grass ahead of you. Take them out while advancing along the left side of the play area.

Once you've cleared the left path, focus on the remaining enemies along the right path. Use the launcher on your Garand to take out the ones behind cover facing you, then cross over to the right path and shoot any stragglers. Clearing out the first anti-tank position is easy compared to what you just went through. A small, but steep hill capped by sandbags leads to the first position. The left side of the sandbags is the perfect place to mow down your enemies with the 'Browning machine gun.

Before continuing along the path to your right, enter the bunker ahead and stock up on ammo. Rejoin the squad and start shooting the closest enemies with your Browning. Use a couple of grenades from your Garand launcher to clear out the denser infantry groups behind them. This will allow you to move in on foot. Just before heading into the clearing, swap your Garand for the Scoped Springfield, a sniper rifle that's leaning against some cover on the right.

Stay to the left as you storm the area. Get close to your enemies and quickly dispatch them with the Browning. There are two explodable barrels along the left path to make your job easier. You'll encounter a brief fork in the path. Either way, be prepared to fend off bonzai attackers. Follow Roebuck and the squad up the path to the left. Another ambush is ahead. Take cover and wait for a U.S. flame tank to arrive, or lay prone and take some sniper target practice against the enemies across the way. Stay crouched and close behind the tank, letting it do most of the dirty work. When it stops, stay behind it and use the Scoped Springfield to snipe all attackers in the distance. Switch to the Browning if any of them get close.

Assault the cave through either of the two entrances. Both feature some enemies hidden behind cover, easily defeated with your machine gun and a little bit of patience. Both paths open into a large room, with enemies stubbornly hiding behind cover. Blast the ones in front of you with grenades, then storm the middle of the room to kill the rest. Both paths from here are similar. There's not much good cover in the corridors, so get crouched and move into the main room ahead.

Get up and start working on the rest of the room. Use your sniper rifle to pick off most of the enemies. The toughest enemies to deal with are behind a wall of cover on the right side. Once you've picked off everyone else, sneak around on the left and flank them from the side, thus clearing the last artillery room and completing your objective.

[edit] Blood & Iron

The next mission finds you inside a tank, with Pvt. Petrenko at the helm. Move and turn the tank with the 'Left Thumbstick' and control your turret with the 'Right Thumbstick'. Press 'RT' to launch a tank shell in the direction of your turret and hold 'RB' to fire the flamethrower in the direction of the tank. Head over the hill and torch the first group of German soldiers. Some enemies will try to launch rockets at you. Follow the white trail of the rockets and destroy the soldier behind it. Coming around the corner, you'll face a small patch of foot soldiers, followed by three enemy tanks. Use your radar to locate them (they appear in red), and take them out with tank shells. Remember, you can move the turret independently of the tank. Avoid fighting the enemy tanks head-on by turning the turret and approaching from the side.

Tanks will continue to appear from all sides as you progress. Start with the one along the road to the left, then more forward and to the right, taking down additional tanks as you go.

Once you've destroyed the tanks on the right side, weave back to the left. Your objective -- an enemy artillery bunker -- awaits. Hit the enemy tower along the way with a tank shell. Cautiously approach the hill on which the artillery is perched, lobbing tank shells to clear the area. When you get close, use your flamethrower to torch any foot soldiers, completing your objective.

Proceed now along the path. Shoot the tower to your right, where a soldier is launching grenades. As you move along, attack the enemy tanks from as far away as you can. Eliminate the two near the next navigation point on your radar, then turn the corner. The radio tower you must destroy for your next objective is in the distance. Move closer to the radio tower and launch a tank shell at the smaller tower to the right of it. A steady stream of tanks will come from a path on the right. Take them down before they get too close to aim at you. Then, turn your attention to the tank on your left. With the opposition cleared, advance to the radio tower. One group of infantry surrounds it, and another group is positioned on a hill to the right. Lob tank shells as you approach the hill, but do not ride up it. Instead, use your flamethrower while positioned at the bottom of the hill -- the flames will lick up and eliminate your enemies. Flame the area near the tower next. If you launch some tank shells at the same time, you'll destroy the tower and complete your objective.

There are two possible paths to the next objective, but the far left path is a much better option. You'll get a great vantage point on the enemy tanks ahead, and you'll be able to flank the infantry in the bunker behind them. Once the tanks and bunker are defeated, take the right path around the bunker to destroy the tank behind it. Then, shoot the other tank on the hill to your right. Follow the navigation point on your radar to the next objective.

Follow the path to the top of a hill overlooking a field of enemies. From here, you can see two towers, which are close enough to destroy with tank shells. Don't move down the hill until they're dealt with. Eliminate the first tank you see, on your left, as you descend the hill. Next, lob shells at the infantry between the two destroyed towers. If you take heavy damage, retreat up the hill and wait until your tank is repaired. Head down the hill to your left. Sneak around the back of the mound where the two towers were, and destroy the remaining tanks as you see them. Follow the path and you'll see another tank to your left, near your objective marker on the radar, but it's behind a set of roadblocks. Follow the path around to the right, then turn back to get around. You'll have a clear shot at the last tank and surrounding infantry. Defeat them to end the mission. You'll get an inspirational speech from Reznov for your troubles.

[edit] Ring of Steel

Jump out of the train and swap your pistol for the PPSh-41. Follow your teammates up the path. Charge with your allies to the wrecked buildings ahead.

One of your superiors will recommend using the tank to your right for cover. Instead, head into the wrecked structure. There's plenty of cover there, and it's a good place to attack the Germans in the building ahead. Use your Mosin-Nagant to pick of the ones in the windows. Your PPSh-41 can handle the rest.

Make sure there are no enemies lurking in the building in front of you, then move to the structure on the far right side of the screen. If you see a Gehwehr 43, swap it for your Mosin Nagant. Go upstairs and grab the Panzerschrek leaning against the front window. Use this to take out the machine gunners perched in the building across the way. You can identify them by their constantly flashing gun muzzles. Pick off the rest of the soldiers in the building with the Gehwehr 43. Make sure to take another conventional weapon when you're done with the Panzerschrek. Go back downstairs and out the front of the building. Move across the clearing and look to your left. You've flanked the remaining enemies on the ground -- shoot them and any other stragglers. Your tanks can now advance.

The tanks will blow a sizable hole in the building on the right. Go inside and turn left to see your pathway through. Once you get upstairs, swap your PPSh-41 for the Deployable MG42 and continue through the building. You should encounter few enemies, if any. Take the bridge to the next building and go downstairs. One of your tanks will open up a path by bashing through a wall, and will be destroyed shortly after.

Head through the new path and turn right to face your attackers. The piece of cover on the far right is a good place to mount the Deployable MG42. Hold 'X' to do so, but watch for grenades. You'll have to tap 'X' and back off the wall if one lands close by. On Reznov's word, turn left and go to the asylum courtyard. Don't worry if there are still enemies on the street; your comrades will take care of them. You can also wall mount the MG42 in this area. The middle sandbags are the best, but again, be mindful of grenades. Switch to the Gehwehr 43 if you run out of ammo. As you move through the outer courtyard, look to your right for a small shack. A Panzerschrek is inside, and should be used to dispatch the machine gunner. You'll find the gunner in the furthest window in the asylum, which sticks out to the right from the rest of the building. Once the gunner is defeated, moving forward should be easier. Take the remaining enemies down with the Gehwehr and head into the asylum, using the left entrance.

Navigate to the waypoint on your radar. Go upstairs and through the asylum. You can take a sawed-off shotgun upstairs, but it's best to grab the PPSh-41 just farther ahead. The Nazis are waiting in a room that has a bathtub laying on its side. Run to this wall of over and stay crouched. Look around the doorway to your left and use your PPSh-41 to defeat the enemy. Some soldiers are using the next room ahead as cover. Throw a grenade through the hole in the wall to draw them out, then shoot them. Your PPSh-41 will probably be low on ammo after this fight. Swap it for the MP40 or, preferably, theSTG-44, both of which were dropped by your enemies. More ammo for the latter weapon is available in the room where you threw the grenades.

There are two outside areas to deal with ahead. Start with the right side, picking off the enemies on the rooftop and upper floor of the asylum with your Gehwehr. Grab a Mosin-Nagant if you run out of ammo. On the left side, pick off the soldier in the attic window across from you. Then, jump on the wall-mounted machine gun. Kill any soldiers outside, as some of them are using rockets. Then, take down the remaining soldiers in the room directly across the way. Go back to the left side and walk along the courtyard balcony to the room on the left.

Continue moving through the asylum, using the STG-44 as your primary weapon. The Germans make liberal use of grenades here, and you should do the same. Toss Molotov cocktails and grenades into any opening where the enemy is stubbornly hiding. Kill them all to complete your objective.

Head outside to where two Russian tanks are waiting. Keep a safe distance behind them while they wreak havoc on the city's last German soldiers. Clean up any survivors with the Mosin-Nagant, but keep moving. Some of the enemy use rocket launchers, and can quickly send you back to the last checkpoint. One final push, and the mission is over.

[edit] Eviction

The level begins in a narrow hallway, with Pvt. Petrenko wielding a PPSh-41 and a Tokarev TT-43 pistol. Breath easy, as there won't be any enemies for a little while. Take the second door on your left and swap your pistol for the Double Barreled Shotgun on the desk. Go into the room to the left. Follow your comrades outside, across the rooftop and down a set of stairs to a room where Reznov is waiting. A small group of German soldiers are ahead. Rush to the desk where a soldier is broadcasting, shoot him and crouch by the desk for cover. Use your shotgun to pop the nearby enemies. Swap the shotgun for the Kar98K on the desk and continue through the building.

When you reach a hallway that seems to be glowing from fire, turn left around the corner to face your attackers. Use the area you came from as a hiding place and take them out with either of your weapons. As you move through the hallway, watch for enemies below in the corridors to your right. Descend into the lower corridors. After a few winding halls, you'll see another area marked by flames. Turn the corner to your right and shoot the two soldiers that are interrogating your Russian friend. Stiff opposition is awaiting to the right. Position yourself behind the tiled wall, where there's a toilet at your feet. This spot allows you to look out to the left and to the right. Use grenades and the Kar98K to clear out most enemies, then clean up with the PPSh-41. Once the crowd is thinned, go outside the building to the catwalk on your left. Shoot the soldier gunning down on the streets below, then go back inside and move ahead.

Keep pressing forward. The enemies in the next room can also be dispatched with the Kar98K, but one of them wields a Panzerschrek, so be cautious when coming out from cover.

When you leave the room out to the main hallway, two Russian soldiers will be waiting, pinned down by a machine gun in the room beyond. Don't fight it directly. Instead, head upstairs and shoot the soldiers in the hallway in front of you. Follow the hallway around the corner. Another hallway is to your left -- shoot the soldiers there, then continue past the hallway and down the stairs. This leads to the back of the machine gun perch. Take the gunner out and your comrades will join you. Move down the next staircase together.

The next point of combat is a wrecked area to your left. Move past the first vantage point into the next room. In here, you can crouch and use the Kar98K to fight the enemy., and the wall will keep you mostly hidden. When the enemy is thinned out, move forward into the room they occupied, using your PPSh-41 and a grenade or two to finish off the opposing force.

Finally outside, meet up with the Russian tanks, which are moving to the right up ahead. Stay to the left of the tanks as they move through the city.

Several German soldiers will run out of the Metro station on the left. Shoot as many as you can before moving on. Use the sandbags as cover while moving along with the tanks. There's a lot of German resistance in this area. Use your machine gun and grenades to fight them, and lay prone if you take heavy damage.

The next objective is to execute three wounded Germans laying in the street, but it is not necessary if you feel morally conflicted about this. When you're finished, head into the subway station with your comrades.

Take the path on your right when moving through the station. You'll be leading the group, allowing you to get a jump on the next achievement. Grab an MP5" if your PPSh-41 hits empty. Part way down the corridor, a machine gun placement will block your path. Use cover to get close. Then, a well-placed rifle shot should do the trick. As an alternate strategy, try sneaking into the rooms to your right to get around the gunner.

When you reach the end of the corridor, enter the subway train on your left. Walk through it and exit at the front of the car, meeting up with your other comrades. A brief shootout will occur with some Germans in a wide, dark hall. Just stay alive here, preferably by laying prone under some solid cover. Eventually a wave will wash through the subway tunnel, knocking Pvt. Petrenko off his feet and ending the mission.

[edit] Black Cats

The second vehicle mission of the game features Pvt. Miller operating the gun of a Black Cat airplane. Use 'LT' to zoom and 'RT' to fire. After a brief exchange of dialog, press 'X' to switch to the turret on the bow. Use this first run to attack the four Japanese PT boats protecting the larger merchant ships. Press 'RB'to fire at them with the more powerful 20mm cannon. You'll make a brief run before switching back to the gun on the rear of the chopper.

After a brief run, you'll be knocked back by some enemy fire. Press 'X' to get on the right turret. Focus on the PT boats for the majority of this run. They're far away, making them hard to hit, so consider the run a success if you can destroy a few of them. As another merchant ship passes, destroy the search lights. Then, press 'X' to get on the left turret. This run brings you close to a merchant ship and several PT boats. Destroy the ships first. If you haven't targeted the lights yet on the ships, now's the time. Otherwise, fire at the white fuel tanks towards the middle of the deck. Press 'X' to move back to the other side of the Black Cat. Again, shoot the lights of the merchant ship in front of you, then the fuel tanks.

Moving to the bow turret, you'll get one last pass at the merchant ships. If you're going for "Lights Out," use this opportunity to destroy any remaining searchlights. Otherwise, focus on pounding the ships with your weapons.

You'll get one last chance on the left turret to finish off the ships. If you haven't done considerable damage by now, it's hopeless, and you'll continue the mission with a failed objective.

A distress call comes from a nearby U.S. fleet. The next objective is to fend off a squad of Japanese Zero airplanes.

After an initial attack by the Zeroes, your accompanying plane, the Hammerhead, will fall, and your ship will land on the water to assist survivors of the Japanese attack. Listen to your allies, who will call out directions of the attacks based on directions of a clock. Press Xto switch to the right turret. To make matters worse, a group of PT boats approaches. Take them down immediately, then press Xto save a nearby survivor. Continue to destroy PT boats while taking down as many Zeroes as possible. Keep an eye out for the prompt to rescue more survivors, then switch back to the left turret.

Keep gunning for PT boats as they appear, and shooting Zeroes when possible. There are two survivors to grab here before moving to the bow turret. The Zeroes are your only focus on this last gunning point. Shoot as many as you can, paying close attention for those that fly right towards you. The mission ends when you run out of ammo.

[edit] Blowtorch & Corkscrew

No messing around this mission. Your starting weapons are a flamethrower and a Browning machine gun. Follow the squad up the hill to assault Wana Ridge.

When you reach the checkpoint where your allies are waiting, stay to the left, flamethrower in hand. Start torching as soon as the Japanese spider holes open up, then strafe (Right on the left thumbstick) to the right, sending flames across the enemy offensive. Quickly retreat back behind the pile of rocks on your right. Take out your Browning and shoot the leftover enemies. This next section is tricky. Move forward to draw out the enemy, which will come from ahead and from a hill on your right. Lay down some Browning fire while retreating back to cover. A large stone on your right will hide you from both fronts. Poke out from cover and use the Browning to thin the enemy crowds. Grenades are your worst enemy here, so be ready to throw them back. Crouch or lay prone when you get injured. If any enemies get within range of your flame thrower, run out and blast them, then return back to cover. Repeat this process until you can safely move ahead.

Move as far forward as you can before turning right to face a difficult uphill stronghold, fortified by an enemy machine gun. Press 'LB' to throw smoke grenades, which you can use as cover to get up the hill. Torch nearby enemies with the flamethrower as you advance. Proceed through the small cave in the wall, taking out the few enemies within. Your allies should follow.

When you reach the cave exit, run outside to the rocky area to the left. Use this as cover while shooting any enemies in the area. Move ahead, and you'll get a new objective, to destroy three 200mm guns. Stay in the trenches and take the path to your right. Shoot the enemies in front of you. If you have any sniping skills at all, you should switch the Browning for the Scoped Arisaka. Use the sniper rifle to clear a path to the bunker ahead. When you get close, press '-' on the 'D-Pad' to take out a satchel charge. Press 'LT' to toss one through the window of the bunker. Stand back, and press 'RT' to detonate it.

Continue along the path to the next 200mm gun. Use the flamethrower on the next set of enemies along the path, which goes straight and branches off to the right. Follow the right path and use your sniper rifle to defeat enemies along the way. Before planting the next charge, shoot any Red Barrels in the area. It's better you destroy these now than risk getting blown up by an enemy later. Then, throw the next satchel charge in the bunker ahead. The wide open area ahead is perfect for sniping. Locate nearby enemies using your radar and take them down with the Scoped Arisaka.

Follow the path back to your squad and go all the way to the right side of the clearing, where a narrow pathway leads to the hill holding the final 200mm gun. Use your flamethrower to advance, and pick off any distant enemies with your sniper rifle. The final gun is in a bunker on your right. Toss a satchel charge in to complete your objective. Meet up with Roebuck at the gate further ahead. Follow him through to where your tanks are advancing.

When the tank explodes, crouch and move to its left side. Walk off the path, to where the ground dips down slightly, then turn to your right. Just above the dip, there's a rock that makes perfect cover for the challenge ahead. A seemingly endless stream of Japanese camouflaged soldiers will approach from the right. Use the flamethrower to fend them off, and be ready to press RS if any of them knock you down. Be Patientand let the enemies come to you, otherwise you'll waste time replaying this segment over and over. After a few minutes of this, move down the path to your left and stay against the wall on the right. The first tree on the right has a sniper inside. Torch it to take him out. Move along the path, which should be relatively quiet if you spent enough time drawing out the enemy before. You'll reach a clearing where you can snipe the enemy. Let your allies move forward to do most of the dirty work. Run along the path and you'll see an entrance to the bunker on your right.

The flamethrower is extremely effective in these narrow hallways. Take the lead and use the weapon liberally on your enemies. A ladder at the end of the hallway will take you to the next level. Use the flamethrower again in the second level of the bunker, but switch to the sniper rifle for the far enemy near the window. A couple more foes are lurking in that room in the distance, so take them out before going upstairs.

The third level is a little trickier, but if you stay behind cover and use the flamethrower to fend off the enemy, it should be no problem getting to the other side of the room. When you get to the fourth level, quickly torch the remaining enemies. This will secure the bunker and conclude the mission.

[edit] Breaking Point

Unfortunately, you start this mission with an empty Garand rifle. Follow your allies to the supply drop ahead. Grab the Browning from near the ammo pile, then move to the other side of the pile and swap your Garand for the Scoped Springfield. Crouch or lay prone at the log cover ahead while you clear out the incoming banzai attackers with the Browning. Use your Springfield to snipe the enemies in the trees and in the distance. Before moving ahead, hold 'X' at the ammo pile to fill up your weapons, then run to the bunker..

Miller is charged with clearing out the tunnel. Drop down the trap door and move forward.

The remaining enemies won't be happy about this ambush. Take out your Browning and shoot them as they rush toward you. Fire in bursts so you don't run out of ammo before the attack is over. Then, head up the ladder.

Your next objective is to storm Shuri Castle. Start by using your Browning to kill the bonzai attackers that come after your squad. Then, switch to the Springfield and pick off the machine gun and any other gunners near the castle. Move to the entrance along the wall to your left.

Press 'LB' to throw a smoke grenade as cover while you move up the hill on the left side. Shoot nearby enemies with your Browning, then continue up to the large red gate ahead. Use the gate as cover while you snipe enemies in the distant building to your right. Once you've cleared five to ten of them, run to the small house between you and the building. From here, you can throw grenades and use your Browning to kill the remaining Japanese soldiers. Your buddies will soon follow. Sweep through the building for any remaining enemies, then follow the path outside again and up the large staircase. Four mortar crews need to be defeated next. The first should be easy, as your allies will quickly overtake the area.

Use mortars or other weapons to kill the enemies around the second mortar pit, then move up the stairs.

When you get upstairs, an enemy machine gun is stationed in a small shack in the distance to your left. Use the Scoped Springfield to kill the soldier manning it, then turn back to the right and help your allies clear the third mortar pit. From here, you can snipe most of the remaining enemies guarding the mortar pit. Kill the last enemy inside it with your machine gun to complete the objective, but watch for a stream of bonzai attackers who will come from the castle ahead. Follow your allies into the burning building.

At the other side of the building, take the path on the far left. Shoot the nearby enemies with your Browning, then move to the far left side of the path. Stay along this side as you move through the garden, but watch for grenades When you get to a small, walled off area just before the next building, do not go inside. Instead, cross over to the right side of the map, through the depressed circular area in the middle of the path. When you get to the other side, most of the enemy attention should be facing away from you. Snipe the opposing force, then regroup with your squad.

Move through the next building. You'll get to a room where the enemy in another room ahead and outside through a window to your left. Kill the bonzai attackers that come through the next room, then jump on the machine gun attached to one of the windows and shoot the enemies outside. Continue through the building to a tunnel downstairs. When you get to a room of enemies, defeat them easily by shooting one of the red barrels located in back of the room. Swap your Browning for the enemy's Type 100 if you're running low on ammo.

The next room has so much cover that it's easy to survive as long as you progress carefully. Be sure to shoot the men who appear above the hole in the roof ahead of you. Follow Roebuck and your other buddies through the next room, where a few more enemies await. They are easily defeated with an automatic weapon.

There's little time to mourn, as a small army of Japanese attackers floods the courtyard ahead. This is a challenge worthy of the final U.S. mission. As a general rule, enemy grenades and bonzai attackers are a constant threat here, so be ready to dodge a grenade or throw it back with RB and fend off attacks with RS. Find some cover on the left side of the map, but don't go all the way to the sandbags dividing you and the enemy. Your first priority needs to be the soldiers that will start pouring over sandbags. Once their activity dies down, start lobbing grenades toward the areas that seem most densely populated with Japanese soldiers. You'll soon get word that air strikes are available. The north building, which is located just beyond the large, red barn to your left, is the first target. Call in a strike and keep shooting nearby attackers. Once another strike is available, target the building across the way from the north building. Again, defend yourself from the left side of the courtyard while the your airborne allies proceed. By now, all hell is breaking lose. It'll be hard to tell who is on your side, so concentrate on eliminating the nearest threats and staying safe for the last air strike. Call in the last strike on the east building which is the large castle on the right side o the courtyard. The enemies will clear out once bombs drop, completing your mission.

[edit] Heart of the Reich

You're armed with a PPSh-41 and a SVT-40. Follow your mates down the road and into the alley to the left. There's some light resistance at the clearing, but you can avoid it by crouching and moving left along the wall. Flank any remaining enemies outside the building and approach the whole in the wall.

Before going inside, shoot the soldier at the top of the stairs. Then, move in and crouch behind the wooden barrier to your right. Use the PPSh-41 to shoot down the enemies in front of you. Watch your back, as another enemy may appear on the stairs. Cross the street into the next building. Shoot the sparse number of enemies in the library and move forward. Jump through the window and into the plaza, following the trench to your left.

Your comrades will storm the area ahead. Use this chaos to approach the machine gunner on the right side, by the stairs leading to the raised platform. Then, instead of taking the stairs, move to the right of the platform. Flank any enemies you can see, then press A to climb the wall. Stay crouched as you move through this area, shooting enemies as you go. Stay to the right and run to the bench with a whole blasted through the seat back. From here, you can see first Flak88 cannon you must destroy. It's well guarded, so toss a grenade near it and pick off the remaining enemies with the SVT-40. Run up to the cannon and hold X to plant a charge. Get back before it blows. You still have three more to go. Turn left and move to the tank. Stand on the right side of it and use the SVT-40 to shoot the enemy.Warning: Grenades come often in this area. Keep some distance between you and the tank and stay alert. Once the enemy forces are diminished, move forward into the field ahead, and your soldiers will follow. While they occupy the enemy, go to the Flak88 cannon on the left and plant the second charge.

A Russian tank will advance along the path. Get behind it for cover after it explodes, and while your comrades fight the enemy, dash to the small building on the right. Use the SVT-40 to shoot enough German soldiers ahead to easily dash to the cover on the right. The third Flak88 cannon is around a corner to your right. Use the PPSh-41 to shoot any direct resistance, then quickly plant a charge and slip away. By now, the Russians have flooded the area. Again, this makes for a viable distraction while you retreat and head to the remaining Flak88. Stay low and plant the charge, then go to the wall that borders the German opposition and lay prone. Rejoin your comrades once the smoke clears.

The area where the third Flak88 cannon once stood makes a good entry point to the war zone ahead. Start by clearing out enemies using both your weapons -- enough to guarantee safe passage to the building in front of you. Keep your PPSh-41 handy as you charge the building, and be ready to immediately shoot any German soldiers inside at close range. Stay low as you move through the building, using your SVT-40 to kill any direct threats. Be sure to look out all the windows in the building to make sure no one's gunning for you. When you get to the end of the building, start shooting soldiers who are on the steps leading to the Reichstag. Keep them at bay until your comrades arrive.

Turn around and look for the ladder leading up to the second floor of the building. Climb it, and look to your left. There's a soldier in the building across the way, aiming at you. Take him out, and make sure there aren't any others. In the same area, there's another ladder to a slightly raised platform, great for sniping. Use your remaining SVT-40 ammo to shoot as many soldiers round the Reichstag as possible. Once the weapon is empty, look around for the weapons rack, on the wall between you and the Reichstag. Swap the empty SVT-40 for the Kar98K return to the raised platform. Shoot as many enemies on the steps and surrounding area as you can. Expend all the ammo and then return to the weapons rack. Swap the empty Kar98K for the Panzershreck. At the top of the Reichstag, there are three windows, including one wide window on the far right. Shoot this window with the Panzershreck to defeat the enemy inside. Below the raised platform, at the window facing the Reichstag, there's a PTRS-41 sniper rifle. Swap the Panzerschrek for the rifle, and pick off the remaining soldiers in the top windows of the Reichstag. You may have to leave the raised platform or get out of the building entirely to get a good view. Expend the rest of the rifle ammo on enemies that are backed up all the way to the Reichstag entrance. Use your PPSh-41 to take out the remaining enemies. You can even go back to the second floor of the building to get a better angle. Once the enemies are cleared, one column of the Reichstag will fall. Be sure to stay away or it will crush you. Chernov will storm the building, but don't follow too close -- a German wielding a flamethrower will end his life, and you don't want to share the same fate. Take out this last enemy to complete the mission.

[edit] Downfall

This is the last level of the game. Listen to Reznov's speech, then follow the troops through the wrecked hallways of the Reichstag, until you reach a massive blockade. First, grab the PPSh-41 from along the Russian cover. Move to the right and launch a Molotov cocktail into the enclosed barricade across the way. Pick off surrounding soldiers with your SVT-40. When reinforcements arrive at the barricade, hit it with another Molotov, then go into the broken wall to your right. Move forward, and then to the left, so you're facing the inside of the German blockade. Flank any soldiers left on the floor and move to the stairway. Use the wall of the second floor as a blind spot where the enemies can't see you, and carefully emerge from that area to shoot the enemies on the stairs. Head upstairs and shoot any remaining enemies. Swap your PPSh-41 for the STG-44, of which there is more ammo on the ground.

Shoot the few enemies around the corner to the right, then head down the hall.

You'll reach the Parliament, where a huge standoff is taking place. Turn right and you'll see a small room with stairs inside. Climb this to the balcony, where a PTRS-41 is resting against the railing to your left. This area is too far from the enemy for sniping. Follow Reznov to the right along the balcony. Go as far right as you can without losing your vantage point on the stage. Start by shooting the machine gunner in the back center of the stage. Then shoot the two snipers on either side. A Panzerschrek-wielding enemy will appear on the far side of the stage. Dodge his rocket and pick him off. There's also another soldier with this weapon in the middle rows of the theater. Take him down, and keep an eye out for a reinforcement on the stage. Once the Panzerschrek launchers are dealt with, help your comrades below by shooting any German soldiers left standing in the middle of the theater. You'll eventually get a new objective, to clear the south balcony -- across the way from you -- of enemies. This is pretty easy. Just don't miss the one between the two narrow columns. Now, you can clear the ground floor of the Parliament. If you run out of ammo, there's a fresh supply on the far right corner of the balcony. When you see the flamethrowers, shoot the fuel tanks on their backs to create an explosion, causing collateral damage. Expend all of your remaining sniper ammo and head downstairs. You may have to do some light fighting here against any lingering soldiers, but your main goal is to get up the stage to the doorway on the left. Follow the map marker there once the coast is clear.

Reznov and some comrades will push the door open. Follow them upstairs, where you'll have a shootout on the south balcony. Use the STG-44 to fight the enemy up here. If they are hiding behind wooden cover, shoot it -- your bullets will go straight through.

When you get to the top of the stairs, you'll be met with a devastating wall of bullets, rockets and grenades. Start by moving up the stairs to a small lip on the left entranceway into the clearing. This will serve as your first piece of cover. Before you get out of cover, start lighting a Molotov cocktail, then duck out and launch it at the barricade around the corner to your left. Hide again quickly or you'll be shot to death. Don't worry about whether it was a good shot. Repeat this process once more, for good measure. Storm this barricade, shooting any soldiers behind it as you go. When you reach it, lay prone and wait to heal. Then, sneak around the corner to the left and shoot any soldiers waiting behind it. Rush to the dark hallway in front of you, turn right and shoot the soldiers inside. You're relatively safe here, so reload and catch your breath before your next move. Through the other exit from the passage, you can see a wood-framed structure in the distance with one soldier inside. He's not a major threat, but deal with him to avoid any future issues. Also in this area is a set of thick pipes, through which you can see another hallway filled with German soldiers. Get close to the pipes and stick your STG-44 through to shoot the opposing force. You can also toss grenades through this opening. Once these soldiers are dealt with, turn your attention to the threats outside. An occasional German soldier will step out into the open, but your main target is a machine gun in a tower along the wall of the passage you're in. Get a clear view and fire a series of shots with a rifle. There is a Gehwehr inside the hallway if you need it. Move ahead to the next hallway once the machine gunner is defeated. Pass through the hallway and meet with your comrades on the other side. Your comrade carrying the Russian flag is killed, and it will be your job to carry the flag to the rooftop.

Hold 'X' to pick the flag up from where it lays, just before the rooftop opening, Run towards the Nazi flag, to the point where one last German soldier is waiting in ambush. You'll be shot, but by holding 'X', and moving forward, you can make one last push toward the flag. Stick it in the ground and feel the pride of victory. You just beat Call of Duty: World at War!

[edit] Nacht der Untoten

Nacht der Untoten is a bonus feature in Call of Duty: World at War after you have completed the campaign. Basically, you have to survive as many rounds as possible whilst having hundreds of undead Nazi's running at you. This mode is also known as 'Nazi Zombies'.

Treyarch have released three map packs since the release of the game containing bonus Nazi Zombies maps Verruckt, Shi No Numa and Der Riese

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