War Pig

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War Pig is the 9th Mission in the sigle player campaign on Call of Duty 4. It is the mission after Death from Above and the mission before Shock and Awe

Sgt. Paul Jackson

1st force Recon

[edit] War Pig

You are immediately in battle at the start of this mission as you are in a war zone. You are in the map area the bog although on this occasion it isn't very boggy. The first thing you have to do its take down the enemies and escort the M1A2 Abrams tank to safety. To do this all you have to do is work your way from on side of the bog to another killing all the enemies in your way, then the tank will crush the blockage on the road and you will continue escorting it down that road killing all of your enemies on the way. You will then enter another map of which a can't remember the name. It has a long road and loads of buildings, you will have to make your way through all the buildings killing all the enemies you can to create a clear path for the tank to get to its destination, remember that the buildings differ to how many people will be in each one so don't go rushing into a building as you fellow soldiers may not follow and some buildings have like 14 enemy soldiers in them and this would be very hard to win against. You will have to destroy the enemy tank before the objective is completed. Your next task is to get to the seaknight LZ for extraction. once you get there you will have completed the mission, a very easy mission but with lots of combat.

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