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[edit] Weapons

These are all of the available weapons in Call of Duty 5 World at War

Rifles- M1 Garand Mosin Nagant Kar98 Arisaka Type 99 M1903 Springfield M1A1 Carbine SVT-40

Heavy Sub-Machine guns- Browning Automatic Rifle MP-44 PPSH(drum mag.)

Light Sub-Machine guns- M1A1 Thompson MP-40 Type 100 Sub-Machine gun Sten

Light Machine guns- Browning M1919A6 MG-34 MG-32 FG-42 Type 92 Heavy Machine gun

Sniper Rifles- Kar98 Scoped M1903 Springfield Scoped Mosin Nagant Scoped Gewehr 43

Shotguns- Trench gun Double-Barelled shotgun

Sidearms- Knife(not used as sidearm slot) Katana(not sure if its used as a sidearm slot) Colt 45 TT-33 PO8 Luger Nambu 14 Walther P38

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